Do you want to send someone a compact disc but wants it to be confidential yet formal or just want your compact disc to have a nice container?Then the compact disc envelope will give you the solution for this; it is a cover tool where you can have the outline for making an Envelope Templates for your disc to secure its integrity, to make it good for a long time before or after using it and to send it to someone else.

For an example template like this, the internet has a lot to offer, they have a free sample template where you can download the layout and print it afterwards. The compact disc envelope template will give you the envelope that fits for your disc no matter how many are they or what kind it is.

Printable CD Envelope Template

DVD Envelope Template

CD Envelope Template Download

CD Tiny Envelope Template

Printable CD Envelope Template Download

Free CD Envelope Template

Free Compact CD Envelope Template

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