The search for the perfect Color Wheel Chart template for your latest booklet, website or presentation ends here. We give you a collection of the best, premium Color Wheel Chart templates that are compatible with MS Word, MS Excel as well as Adobe Photoshop CS+.Color Wheel Chart templates for Clothing and Sherwin Williams color wheel chart is very useful

You can rotate, rearrange and rename the colors as you please before finalizing the design.You can use them on print brochures, as a part of your PowerPoint Presentations, Website Reports to be attached to emails for your clients.They are neat, well defined and can be boldly used for professional purposes.Feel free to check out our complete examples CMYK Color Chart Templates before you finalize your download.

Color Wheel Chart Template

The color wheel chart template consists of a bright three layered color wheel chart. If you wish to rotate it, enlarge it or contract it; this wheel can easily be edited. It is very easy to use and can be used for various professional purposes.

Color Wheel Chart Paint Template

The color wheel chart paint template has the standard color wheel which is very easy to use. This design can easily be used by even kids in their presentations or projects. It depicts the primary colors and their combinations.

Basic Color Wheel Chart Template

Just as the name suggests, the basic color wheel chart template depicts the basic wheel chart which can be used for multiple purposes. It clearly shows the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. It also depicts the saturation levels between complements.

Color Wheel Chart for Hair

Interactive Color Wheel

Printable Color Wheel Chart

Why Does the Color Wheel Chart Template Needed?

The color wheel chart template is needed for understanding the basic color theory. It helps in depicting how the colors are related to each other and which colors falls in which category. With the help of this color chart, one can know which colors complement each other and which colors don’t. It is needed to see what colors we can get by mixing different colors. The knowledge of basic color theory can be useful professionally as well as personally. You can think of different color schemes with the help of these templates. It also provides information about various terms like warm and cool colors, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, tinted and shaded colors and more.

When Does the Color Wheel Chart Template Needed?

The color wheel chart template is needed to represent the different colors and their relationship with each other in the color wheel. This template is also needed to visually depict the color theory. It is used for showing the relationship between primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. It also highlights the different concepts of colors like the warm and cool colors, complimentary colors and tints and shaded colors. It is very helpful to know different color schemes like which colors can be mixed and used together, which colors do not complement each other and different saturated colors between two colors.

Benefits of the Color Wheel Chart Template

The color wheel chart helps you in determining the colors, mixing them and selecting them according to the purpose. It makes you understand the basic color theory with ease. These templates depict the colors in their correct order. It also states the category in which a particular falls like red, yellow and blue are primary colors. Along with this, it also depicts their relationships with each other which result into the making of secondary and tertiary colors like if blue and yellow colors are mixed, we get the green color which is a secondary color. All this knowledge is very helpful in thinking of various coloring schemes.

The color wheel chart template is easily available on the internet and can be downloaded with equal ease. It is available in a variety of designs to choose the one according to your need and purpose. These templates depict the types of colors and their relationship with each other in a very neat way to make it easy to understand.

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