Call sheets are the timetable lookalike used on film shoots. A call sheet presents all the important information and reporting details about all of the production crew members. Ideally Fax Cover Sheet Templates template would contain fields such as Production Title, General Call Time, Set Location, Parking Location, Weather Information, Nearest Medical Facility, Schedule, Cast and Crew List and General Notes. There are two versions available for use – one-page and two-page call-sheet. If you have an elaborate setup, a two-page sheet should cater to your needs. A call sheet template is available in Excel, Word, PDF and PSD formats.

Call Sheet Template

call sheet template

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Size: A4, US


Call Log Sheet Template

call log sheet template1

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Size: A4, US


Baby Shower  Bingo Call Sheet Download

This is a highly colourful call sheet that’s quite captivating. Each of the items is neatly displayed in catchy colours within the squares of the sheet’s layout.

A call sheet is a chart that a theatrical or film production cast and crew is issued with, showing the production schedule. Normally, the schedule listing is by call time, that is, time at which people are expected. Normally, the sheets are issued weekly because schedules are prone to change often and planning further ahead can prove to be quite difficult.Other information contained in a call sheet may include; contacts of the cast or crew, what’s being planned, location of the call, direction to the call location, whether or not meals will be provided, parking, etc. Due to the frequency of issue and the loads of information that call sheets come with, it’s important to have an appropriate call sheet template. This will save you the agony of designing one every other time. The Call Sheet Template Word and Call Sheet xls Template are quite common.

Importance of Call Sheets

A call sheet is one of the most important documents in the world of filmmaking, and without it, any given film production unit will be in utter disorder. It informs you where to be and at what time, who’s who in the production, how to get in touch with them and a plethora of other important details that you might be interested in about the production. A sales call sheet bears valuable information which can be used by the production to contact the customers for prospective sales.

Staff Callback Sheet PDF Free Download

staff callback sheet pdf free download

This callback sheet features useful information such as the date, name of the peer advisor or service rep, counselor’s name, student’s name, bronco ID, contacts as well as the request’s description.

Daily Call Tracking Sheet PDF

daily call tracking sheet pdf

This sheet comes with a remarkably simple layout. Besides the title, it features the number, name of person and date contacted, phone number and results or the next course of action.

Creating great call sheets

In this age, film production units need to create highly accurate and exhaustive call sheets. Having such a critical document will make the work of the cast, crew and the entire production easier, highly organized and a success. If you’re doing it for the first time, then you may find the task quite challenging. Making use of a Sample Call Sheet can be quite helpful in such situations. You need to leverage the relevant sample, example, format of call sheet that you’d like to create, just to ascertain that you’re doing it right.
The production title is an important component of your call sheet. You can spruce it up by throwing in a logo. The general time that your production cast and crew will arrive at the event should put the recipient and relevant departments into consideration. Some departments may require extra time to prep hence likely to arrive much later than others. Scheduling of the key items such as loading in, breaks, shooting scenes, etc will give your crew and talent ample time to prep for the next episode.

The cast and crew information especially their contacts is an important element of your call sheet since they may be required to respond to some questions. Clarification on parking is critical because sometimes the parking location could be off-site, while the weather information and clothing recommendation will help individuals to prepare appropriately. As you set the shooting location, careful consideration and reflection of the nearest hospitals in your call sheets is important to take care of injuries and any other emergencies. All in all, with the right set of templates, creating a high quality call sheet is fast and easy. These templates allow you to organize your work much easier. Whether it’s a Short film Call Sheet Template, Photo shoot Call Sheet Template Word, Football Call Sheet Template, Customer Call Sheet Template or Movie Call Sheet Template, you’ll find the templates a great time saver.One impressive thing with these templates is that most of them come in Free Download versions, something that will help you to access and make use of the call sheet download at no extra cost.

Call Forward Sheet in Word Free Download

call forward sheet free word template download

The quite exhaustive sheet comes with a myriad of useful fields such as contacts, task or activity, order number, day of order, date of delivery and supplier details.

Hotline Call Log Sheet Word Template Free Download

hotline call log sheet word template free download

This is a highly customizable data collection sheet. Besides the title, staff name and dates of period covered, it contains other important fields including date of call, call type, time spent, etc.

Customer Call Sheet PDF Template Free Download

customer call sheet pdf template free download

The customer call sheet is a powerful data collection tool that features a myriad of information. Other than the exhaustive customer details, it contains a rich information on the project.

Tips for great results with call sheets

Avoid sending call sheets for diverse shoot days at the same time as this may overwhelm your cast and crew with too much information at once.

Include relevant maps in your call sheets to aid people to drive to the set location easily and in time.

Double-check the weather and the nearest hospital, whether it’s open 24 hrs and has an emergency room, preferably a day to the actual shooting.

Do the final proofing and approval of your call sheets before dispatching to free them from errors.

House Call Log Sheet Free Word Template Download

house call log sheet free word template download

The call log sheet comes with spectacular simplicity, featuring some crucial fields such as the title, name of patient, date, time, pulse, resp, BP and notes or the next visit.

Production Call Sheet Free PDF Template Download

production call sheet free pdf template download

This is a highly valuable document in the filmmaking industry showing key information such as the title, shooting date, cast call times, extras and stand-ins as well as additional instructions.

Cold Call Tracking Sheet Download

cold call tracking sheet download

With a simple layout, this sheet features the outbound calls, voicemails or follow-ups, opportunities uncovered, the day’s top 3 priorities as well as the time and date of the occurrence.

Sample Employers Call Out Sheet PDF Free Download

sample employers call out sheet pdf free download

Film Call Sheet Template Word

film call sheet template word

Sample PDF Bingo Call Sheet

sample pdf bingo call sheet

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