Our Bubble Chart templates are extremely popular amongst several leading business houses. A lot of professional prefer using bubble chart templates for analysis as opposed to the regular graphs and charts. Our templates are available in Word and Excel formats.Bubble Chart Templates are often used for product comparison, production analysis, economic research and analysis and several other important purposes. These templates are absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded and printed in black and white or color quickly and easily. Our bubble chart templates are available in a wide range of vibrant and bright colors for you to choose from.

Bubble Chart Example

bubble chart example


This sample of bubble chart example consists of ten bubble charts. The two main bubbles in the centre are colored green, while the one above and below it have a blue color. There is a set of three bubbles each on either side in pale yellow color.

Sample Bubble Chart

sample bubble chart


This sample of bubble chart is available in PDF format, which can be printed and downloaded as per convenience. The chart has a main bubble in the centre which is surrounded by a host of different bubbles in a spherical circle. The bubbles around this circle can be increased or decreased as per requirement.

Bubble Chart Free

bubble chart free


This sample of free bubble chart template is a blank template, which has a simple and basic design. On white background different colored bubbles, all of same size appears in abstract pattern. These bubbles can be customized and joined to represent a product and its various qualities.

Bubble Chart Free Download

bubble chart free download


This sample of bubble chart free download is known as double bubble map. The map consists of 4 bubbles on a straight line. Out of these four bubbles, two of them are smaller in size compared to the other two. On the top and bottom portion of the chart, there are three bubbles each for comparing similarities and differences.

Free Bubble Chart Template

free bubble chart template


General Bubble Chart

general bubble chart


What Is Main Purpose Of Bubble Charts?

A bubble is famously used for plotting three different dimensions of data. The three data compared are the data on the X axis, data on the Y axis and data on the bubbles. They are usually considered as the variation of scatter plot where bubbles take up the position of important data points.You can also see Company Organization Charts.

Why Are Bubble Charts So Popular?

Representing a large amount of complex data in a simple format is not an easy task. Bubble charts aims to make this process simple. They allow a plotter to represent data in a simple and effective manner. They are much easier to read and comprehend in comparison to 3D charts. The chart also allows the user to combines values on different types of scales percentages and absolute values. The chart is easy for kids to understand and also very helpful for managers to understand key points in a very short span of time period.

What Are Some Of The Limitations Of Using Bubble Charts?

Like any other charts, bubble charts too come with their own set of limitations. Bubble charts works on 3 different types of data, so if you have less or more than three types then it won’t work for you. Secondly many people find data representation on bubble charts clustered, which makes it really difficult to understand, especially when the volume of data is quite large. Lastly representing data on a bubble chart is definitely not one of the fastest methods.

Bubble charts offer a beautiful respite from the typical design of two dimensional charts and saves time which is otherwise wasted in plotting multiple graphs. We have a huge collection of bubble charts both in PDF as well as .doc format. You can choose from any one of these designs and customize them as per your requirements. All these charts are available free of cost and can be downloaded for printing purposes.You can also see Blank Organizational Charts.

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