A bow tie template is one of the common crafts related to art. There are a lot of bow tie shapes found in the website. The template for bow tie can be use by anyone especially for children learning. This is usually seen as a project made by the students or one of the kinds of art teach by the teachers to their students in the classroom. A Bow Templates is very beneficial for all which provides enjoyment and fun while showing creativity to make a bow tie.

Templates are indeed useful for people as well as for the business companies. A bow tie as one of the common designs of Paper Airplane Template created can be easily found in the website. The user can have it download as quick as possible then make his or her own bow tie and make the said template as a basic guide for customizing a new one.

Bow Tie Template

bow tie template

This sample of bow tie template comes in light blue color. The material used for preparing this bow tie is soft cotton crepe cloth. The tie has a beautiful texture and is perfectly suited for decorating kid’s accessories like hair bands, clips, and dresses.

Self Bow Tie Template

self tie bow tie template

This sample of self bow tie template has a quirky design and pattern. This sample of self bow tie template has a very quirky design pattern. It is designed in black color and is decorated with images of skeletons and skulls. The files are available in 2 Psd files measuring 1200×1200 and 1000×1000 PX. The color pattern and designs of this template can be altered as per the will of the user.

Small Bow Tie Template

This sample of small bow tie template is a perfect example of kids dress accessory. The bow is made from navy blue satin ribbon and has small beads of crystals encrusted on it. Unlike professional bow ties this design has a small tail hanging at the end which makes it look even cuter. The band in the centre is also made from crystal beads.

Bow Tie Pattern

bow tie pattern

This sample of bow tie pattern is a purely professional design. It is meant for business professionals or for any person attending any formal event. The tie is made purely from black and white satin cloth. The design is available in EPS and JPG file format, which makes it highly editable and customizable.

 Sample Bow Tie Template

sample bow tie template

Paper Bow Tie Template Free

paper bow tie template free

Standard Bow Tie Template

standard bow tie template

Dotted Bow Tie

dotted bow tie

Bow Tie Template PDF

bow tie template pdf


What Are The Reasons To Wear A Bow Tie?

Bow ties are traditionally worn by boys with a tuxedo on a formal dinner or event. One of the many reasons behind a lot of people opting for bow tie lies in the fact that bow ties are easier to tie then most formal ties.

A good thing about bow ties is that they do not have to be perfect. A little lopsided design plays a good enough role. A bow tie offer variety to the wardrobe and makes the wearer look a lot more stylish, sophisticated and intelligent.

When To Tie A Bow Tie?

Bow ties are traditionally associated with nerdy professors or intellectual people. However a normal person outside the realm of education can wear it for a formal event like weddings. Wearing a bow tie to work is also not uncommon specially it you have a big event at the office.

Bow ties are great for a date night. They help to create a great impression and exude charm and confidence. Last but not the least; a bow tie is an excellent option for the church or for religious services.

Tips for Tying a Bow Tie

A bow tie is actually tied like a shoe lace. A good way to begin is to tie it around your thighs instead of your neck. Both these areas have the same circumference, while the former has better visibility. Drape the tie around your neck with the left one a bit longer than the right one.

Cross them over tie them simply by wrapping the longer end over the shorter one. There are many YouTube tutorials available online which would give you a better idea about the tying process.

A bow tie is an important classical garment that makes a man look elegant. It sets him apart and enhances his appeal. Bow ties are also very popular among little kids as accessories. Bow ties for both the above mentioned purposes use different material. The first one is more formal with monochromatic colors while the latter one is designed using bright colors. You can choose from our wide range of samples and customize it as per your need.

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