The colorful bow on a present or in party decor enhances the decoration for any type of party. But making a perfect and appreciable bow isn’t easy. These bow templates help you make pretty bows. These bows are ready to cut, assemble and decorate. Also a tutorial is provided to help you with the bow making. In the vacations, make pretty bows with your kids and use them for any purpose. These templates are available in various printable formats as well. Some of the best ones are given below:

Simple Bow Template

simple bow template

This template is ideal for using as a greeting card. With a big red bow drawn towards the bottom of the page, this template can be used for birthday, anniversary and other such wishing purposes. The background of the page is generally in light color such a baby pink or peach, boosting the big red bow.

Standard Bow Template

standard bow template%ef%bb%bf

This is a genuine bow template that is available in PDF format. In this template, bows of various sizes and without any color are given. You can download the template and print it out to use the bows. Cut your desired bow size, color it according to your choice and use it.

Bow Template Standard

bow template standard

This template has a letter with a bow already printed over it. With different background colors and a big bow drawn, this template serves as the ideal letter to write sweet amazing messages and send it to your lover or spouse or friend. A downloadable template, the bow is drawn across the page to resembling a gift.

Basic Bow Template

basic bow template

This bow template has the basic look of a bow drawn with black ink. On a white background, the outline of a bow is drawn which is ready to cut. Bows of various sizes and without any color are given, in this template. After downloading the bow template and print it out to use the bows.

Bow Template

bow tempate

This template is a very formal looking template. Formal doesn’t mean corporate type but dressed in formal attire. This template has a black small bow drawn at the bottom which can be used for invitation to parties and events. The background on which the bow is drawn is usually peach colored.

General Bow Template

general bow template

This template has the basic outline of a bow drawn with black ink. This template can be downloaded and with the help of the tutorial provided, process of making a bow tie can be learnt. Kids can use this general bow template to make attractive bows and decorate pretty things.

Sample Bow Template

bow template sample

Similar to general bow template, in a sample bow template, outline of bow making steps are drawn. After downloading and printing the template, the steps can be followed and made into a beautiful bow. As there is no color given originally, kids can get creative and color according to their choice.

Bow Template Format

bow template format

This bow template is a downloadable template and can be used as a decorative cover page. It has large pink color bow printed all across a cushion type structured drawing. The background of the template has zigzag pattern with alternating yellow and white colors. It is available in .png format and other picture formats.

Bow Template Example

bow template example

This bow template example is in form of an envelope. A pink and white colored envelope design with intricate design on the lower end of the template makes its very attractive. A medium sized pink colored bow is printed on the top. This template serves as an ideal invitation cover for your parties.

Bow Template Sample

sample bow template

Conclusion:Be it a bow requirement for a formal dress or a theme party, these bow templates offer you a perfect choice to meet your requirement. These templates available in varied colors can be used to decorate cushions, party supplies, invitation letters, having interesting gift packing etc.

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