A Booth Rental Agreement is signed upon Lease of a booth by a lessee. It needs to state the dimensions of the booth and the no of days per week the booth is made available. The Sample Rental Agreements need to mention the equipments required in the booth for daily purposes and also the terms and conditions regarding the expense of utilities needed.

Sample Booth Rental Agreement Template

Commercial Rental Agreement in Google Docs

Editable Rental Agreement Template

Printable Rental Agreement Word Format

Month to Month Lease Agreement Template in iPages

Sample Booth Rental Agreement


This is a basic booth rental agreement template. The format of the template specifies first the time of the agreement and then the leaser and then the lease. At the bottom the payment details are also mentioned with the schedule.

Simple Booth Rental Agreement


In this booth rental agreement template, the name of the company is mentioned at the top, followed by list of the documents one needs to provide, the scheduled fee and the details of the facilities which comes with the rented booth.

Photo Booth Rental Agreement


This is a rental agreement meant specifically for a photo booth. The template has a few headings such as client information and event information, where all the relevant details about the leaser and the event are provided followed by information about the venue.

Vendor Booth Rental Agreement


This template is designed for the rental of a vendor booth. There are information such as the name of the business, and the detail of the contact person, followed by a declaration by the leaser about the booth which is being rented.

Shutterhut Photo Booth Rental Agreement


Downloadable Booth Rental Agreement


Booth Rental Agreement Template


Booth Space Rental Agreement


Hair Salon Booth Rental Agreement


Why Do You Need Booth Rental Agreement Template?

Renting a booth for one purpose or the other is quite common. During the time of renting, it is important to sign a contract with all the information and details of the deal mentioned specifically. This is where booth rental agreement templates become important. You can also see Room Rental Agreements

Since it is an official document, not everyone knows how to prepare it. Thus when you need to rent a booth you can just download an agreement template, available in the internet for free, and use them for your purpose. Make sure you download a template which suits you the most, and have all the important details mentioned.

What To See In A Booth Rental Agreement Template?

There are certain important information, which a booth rental agreement must have. Moreover, there are different types of agreement templates meant for different types of booth. Therefore, it is important to see, that you download the most suitable template for your case.

Further, when you are the lease taker, you need to check on the document to see you have the full information of the booth, like the size, the insurance and other facilities. Check out for the details of the other person, date, signature etc. before you actually go ahead with the contract, and make an agreement about the booth.

Who Can Use The Booth Rental Agreement Template?

Any person who is taking a booth for rent, or have a booth to rent out, can use this template. Since there are certain technicalities associated with the rental agreement, and therefore a lot of people prefer using a rental agreement template which is available easily on the internet. You can also see Business Rental Agreements

If someone is taking a photo booth for rent, they can take a template from the internet, for convenience, and fill it up with necessary information, and then get it signed by the leaser and yourself. At times, if the lease is taken through a company, then the company could use the contract template.

A provisional clause for inspection at any time may be added. The amount and mode of payment are mentioned along with the duration of the lease. You can now click right here to download templates for Booth Rental Agreement in word and PDF format.

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