We have excellent stress busters for classes in schools or when you want to design a fun activity for class. These are the power point games. Such games are created as per the need of the activity and used by camps, schools and cool kids’ associations. The power point games are a great tool for learning when it comes to the kids. The famous games available online are good for teachers as well as the students. The Power Point Game Template are knowledge banks, source of joy and prove to be an excellent learning kit. You may check

Academic Power Point Game Template



The power point game template designed for academic purposes are a part of the learning process. Such scholastic power point games have questionnaires and answers along with it. We can make Alphabetical, numbering, learning easy with pictures and music and it fascinates the students.

Fun Powerpoint Game Template

powerpoint game template free


uch games are used for releasing all the stress out of the classrooms. The power point game templates which are used for fun include games like wheel of fortune, jeopardy like games which are really interesting.

Family Power Point Game Template



The families can propose their own power point games via our templates. The family tree or including guessing games of personal traits could be extreme fun when you have family game nights.

General Knowledge Powerpoint Game Template



These General knowledge power point fun knowledgeable games can be used in colleges, schools, trainings and are very helpful for training activities. It can have General Knowledge, aptitude, mathematics games which can be used for kids and college students.

Free Powerpoint Game Template

free powerpoint game template


Powerpoint Game Template Download

powerpoint game template download


Board Game Powerpoint Template

board game powerpoint template


Power Point Game Template Sample

power point game template sample

Powerpoint Game Template Free PPT

powerpoint game template free ppt


Wheel of Fortune Powerpoint Game Template

wheel of fortune powerpoint game template


Uses of Power point Game Template

  • Informative
  • Learning process
  • Entertaining
  • Creative Ideas are involved
  • Musical games make the class activities captivating
  • Interest is developed by students in tough subjects by making games out of such creative yet informative ideas.

Target Audience of Power point Game Template

  • Students from playschool, schools and colleges can easily learn as well as have fun thorough these games.
  • Toddlers can learn nursery rhymes, alphabets, animal names and all basic language words with pictures and music.
  • College students can play games as well as get trained for new topics.
  • Family bonds very well with these games as you can involve creative group games.

Enlisting the positives of Power point Games

  • Such games don’t require any pen and paper just turn on the game and you can start playing whenever you want.
  • They don’t involve any checking or judging in the game so there is no chance of false judgment.
  • Instant results are declared on the screen.
  • Music and colorful pictures add fun to the gaming experience.

How to design Power point Game Template

  • Plan the name of the game
  • Include all relevant steps
  • Add team names or give them provision to choose own fancy names
  • Include light music and pictures
  • Highlight the right answer
  • Design titles and e-prizes like heap of coins, Title of King for fun for each achievement
  • Make the game look realistic and add names of real places, states to make it easy and fun
  • Highlight the game rules in beginning.

Such games are very interactive and click on the create side of the person playing with them. We provide a range of templates for building engaging power point games and we will customize it as per your demand. We have varieties of cool games, academic games, family games and we will produce a great and fun power point game with full specifications. It can be used for learning vocabulary or a mock test we include options like quiz game to family tree games. Our templates are diversified and we produce the game as per the demand of the client.

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