Textures play a great importance in designing a website. Textures essentially provide the basic background of the website, rather a thematic effect to the website. You can choose attractive and appealing website or graphic textures from the plethora of textures available online. You can use them to fill some portions of your website, embed the main background with texture or you can also fill fonts and sections of texts with texture effects. Stone textures are rapidly gaining much appreciation owing to the creative and artistic appeal of these textures. You can also try one from the extensive range of stone effect textures.

Grey Stone Texture

grey stone texture

The attraction of this texture is its grave grey pattern. The resemblance with grey colored pebbles and stones provides it with a groovy outlook. It is a great style for multiple types of web design.

Dark Stone Texture

dark stone texture

Smart and directly engraving, this pattern makes a deep impact in the mind of viewers. It is a package of 10 high end graphic patterns in 300dpi high resolution with file sizearound86 mb.

Lime Stone Texture

lime stone texture

Lime stone provides a cool and stable look. The similar kind of feel is reflected in this lime style texture. The cool colors, soft graphic pattern provides an exclusive elegant feel.

Beautiful Stone Texture

beautiful stone texture

Perfect shaped pebbles, arranged in a geometric pattern, is the true essence of this texture. The package includes varied textures with similar beautiful stone chips effect.

Texture of Stone

texture of stone

The creative strokes of this texture pattern are oriented from pebbles kept in a scattered way. The haphazard style brings about a classic and designer look.

Marble Stone Texture

marble stone texture2

3A package of 5 sophisticated marble patterned designs, these textures come in with a soft and captivating feel. You can use them across various theme websites.

Swamp Stone Texture

swamp stone texture

This pattern is designed to suit the artistic taste of 3D software designers. The package of 10 artistic and creative designs is available in JPG files with 300 dpi high resolution graphics.

Simple Stone Texture

simple stone texture

The color patterns, design and the entire graphic orientation here is simple. Therefore if you do not want to incorporate a complex texture this is the right choice for you.

Cement Cracked Stone Texture

cement cracked stone texture

Natural Slate Stone Texture

natural slate stone texture

Slate stones have a layered pattern. In this vividly designed texture, the pattern that is reflected also resembles a similar kind of layered effect. This soft and enthusiastic pattern easily catches visitor’s attention.

Rusty Stone Texture

rusty stone texture

Stone Wall Texsture

stone wall texsture

Grunge Stone Texture

grunge stone texture

Attractive Stone Texture

attractive stone texture

Ideal Stone Texture

ideal stone texture

Marble Paper Stone Texture

marble paper stone texture

Dark Slate Stone Texture

dark slate stone texture

Natural Cracked Stone Texture

natural cracked stone texture

High Resolution Stone Texture

high resolution stone texture

Therefore if you want to provide your web layout with an innovative pebble or stone studded look these textures are the right choice. There is a wide range of variety even among these stone textures. You can use them for various purposes of design, image layout, font filling etc in your website.

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