A unit plan template is used by teaching professionals to create a unit plan that helps them approach the course in an organized manner. The unit plan  Outline Template shows clear associations between achievement objectives, learning activities, and learning objectives.

Common Core Unit Plan Template


Blank Unit Plan Template Activities


Sample Unit Plan Template PDF


Unit Plan Example

Unit Plan Format

Unit Plan Sample

Unit Plan Ideas Template

Unit Plan Definition

Unit Plan for Physical Education

Complex Unit Lesson Plan Template

Unit Plan Templates for Teachers

Unit Plan Template

Steps to Create a Unit Plan

A basic framework of a unit plan ideas and unit plan definition is given below:

  • Name the learning needs of the student that are met by the unit plan.
  • Choose a title that provides focus.
  • Check to see if the verbs used for the achievement objectives is appropriate.
  • Note learning outcomes that describe context and content.
  • Create learning objectives that render learning outcomes to be obtained.
  • Decide the assessment task and judgement statement.
  • Decide how to fit the activities and strategies that have been chosen under the concepts.

Who Creates a Unit Plan?

Usually elementary school teachers or secondary teachers need to use a unit plan template to create a unit plan to elaborate on a unit summary, activities, and a lesson Outline template.

Sample unit plan templates are available online for free download and printing. Unit plan templates are best created in Microsoft Word format.

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