We all love snowman, don’t we! They have filled our imaginations and dreams since we were a child. For some they form a part of life just like a pet or any living creature. You just have to download sample snowman templates in word format which can be used as craft work by kids wherein they can colour them and cut them to size.They come in different patterns and size and can be used to decorate a Christmas greeting card or you can even decorate your room with the Snowflake Templates and cut outs. Kids can easily draw the face, colour them, cut them out and glue the items together to come up with their own paper snowman.

Snowman Template Printable

snowman template printable

The snowman template printable, as the name suggests is ready to use template which you can print straight away after downloading for use. The image comes in 2500×2500 resolution which you can zoom 100%. The snowman figure comes in four different compositions. Also, you can easily edit it like hat colour, pompon colour or even the design of lips.

Snowman Craft Template

snowman craft template

The snowman craft template provides you with really cute designs of snowman which can be used as ornaments on a Christmas tree while decorating it on the happy occasion of Christmas. You can easily craft these cute little figures of snowman all by yourself with the help of this template without taking much time.

Snowman with Santa Hat

snowman with santa hat


The snowman with Santa hat template features the directions of how can create the Santa hat of your snowman with paper. Different figures are depicted with the help of which you can easily make the hat by following all the given steps.

Snowman Template Printable for Kids

snowman template printable for kids

Snowman Template for Kindergarten

snowman template for kindergartens

Printable Snowman Template Print

printable snowman template print

 Snowman pieces Download

snowman pieces download


Why is the Snowman Template Needed?

The snowman template is needed for various purposes like it can be needed fir decorating the greeting card at merry occasion of Christmas. Children, as well as adults, can use these cute snowman figures for decorating their Christmas cards. Also, it can be needed for decoration purposes at any other day as well. You can also need it for depicting the scene of winters, you can simply download, print, cut and paste the figure wherever you want to and it will complete your picture. Also, it can be given to children for enhancing their creativity by asking them to colour the figure according to their own choice.

When is the Snowman Template Needed?

The snowman template is needed at many occasions like you can need it while giving assignments to children for colouring or decorating it or you can need them when you are preparing a greeting card etc. These templates are needed when you need to have a cute figure of snowman which is colourful and appealing to everyone’s eyes. Such attractive figures are sure to woo anyone, especially children who can use them for number of activities in their art and craft class or when they are reading about different seasons and more.

Benefits of the Snowman Template

There are several benefits of downloading the snowman template. The prints in these templates are of high quality and are very colourful which can be used in decorating anything like greeting cards or cover of your kid’s notebook etc. Also, these templates provide help in conducting number of activities like you can ask children to cut the snowman figure and paste it in their drawing files and draw a scenery around them, you can ask them to fill color in the snowman figure to make it look attractive or you can ask students to craft the snowman’s hat with the help of given instructions in the template. All these activities help in engaging children while making them learn skills like colouring, cutting, drawing, craft and more.

The snowman template is easily available on the internet and can be downloaded with just a single click. There are various designs made available for you in the templates so that it becomes easy for you to download the one you desire i.e. which suits your purpose.

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