‘To do’ list templates are basically used to keep record of all the necessary tasks that have to be performed. You can use these to keep note of anything starting from shopping groceries to paying bills on time. If you still have any confusion on how to use them and write one for yourself then just go through our free samples and examples to get a basic idea. Download our Sample Lists that are available for both professional and regular requirements in an easy to understand format. You can even use these as checklists to ensure fulfillment of tasks on time.

Time Management To Do List


If you have to accomplish various works in a short time then time management template is the ideal one. If you want a to-do list that can help you to manage your time then use this template, you can manage your time without any problem.

Daily Planner To Do List

Daily to-do lists are designed to help you record all the works that you need to do on that very day, but with this template you can get a chance to record your two days work details in one sheet so it will be much easier to follow.

The One Minute To-Do List PDF


With this amazing to do list template you can not only easily record your works that need to be done but you can also classify them on the basis of their priority and importance so it will much helpful to assess which one you should do first.

To Do List PDF


If you have to do not only office works or household chores rather various types of works and then it’s better to use this template. With this template, you can classify the works and based on that you can accomplish them as well.

Sample To Do List Template


Weekly To Do list PDF


Prioritized To Do List PDF


Printable To Do List Template PDF


Example of Weekly To Do list PDF


Tips to create to Do List Templates

If you have to lead a hectic and busy life then using a to-do list can be the best option for you. With the to-do list, you can record all the works for the day starting from the meeting to appointments to any other. All can be noted down easily.

You can also list them according to the time and can mention the objective of the visit too. For creating a to-do list you need to think which are the attributes that need to be in your list and based on that you should try to create one. You may like Project to do Lists.

When Do You Need To Do List Templates?

If you have to live a hectic and busy life and as a result of it, you can’t remember properly the appointments and meeting that you need to attend or you have to do so many works in a day that you cannot keep them in planned way then you can get greater benefits by using the To Do list Templates.

It is very helpful for the individuals who have to do several works in a day or week and also who want a schedule for their works. Apart from that if you want to list your duties based on their priorities and do that accordingly then also a to-do list can help you greatly.

What Are the Benefits of To Do List Templates?

A to-do list is a very beneficial tool for people who are looking for the most effective and easiest way to remember the works that they need to do. The primary function of a to-do list is to remind you of the duties that need your attention and also give you a chance to check the works that you have for the day.

The benefits of to do list are various. When you have no clue how to do it, then it’s best to take the help of the sample to do list templates online. It can help you to get the perfect tool, save time and also free you from making one.

To do list templates are the best way in order to get a right way to plan and record your duties.

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