The Payroll timesheet calculator is a handy and affordable tool for small businesses and companies that keep record of the working hours of employees and calculate the payroll for easy business management. Timesheets are important business documents that are prepared by almost all business organizations and companies. These are often used to keep a track of the working hours of employees and other staff working within the organization or workplace. Properly made timesheet provides enough assistance to the employer to calculate payroll or salaries of employees against work done by them. To know the format of the same, sample payroll Timesheet Calculator is available online.

Payroll Time Sheet Calculator Example

payroll time sheet calculator example

The example template contains an official Timesheet for business purposes. There are spaces to write name of client, candidate’s name and more details. A table has been constructed to record the hours worked with special mention of how much is regular hours and how much is overtime hours done by the candidate.

Employee Timesheet Calculator

employee timesheet calculator

It is a weekly Timesheet template which is simplified by constructing a table to record time. There are columns to note down the date, day, in time, out time, regular hours, overtime hours and pay for each day. The weekly summary has been tabulated down below to record the total hours worked and total pay earned. There is also space to write employee’s and employer’s name.

Payroll Time Sheet Attendance Calculator

payroll time sheet attendance calculator

This template is an excellent way to keep track of absenteeism. Assigning employee name and company name in spaces provided, you can note down the weekly work down by a certain employee. This helps to keep track of how much the worker has to be paid especially if s/he is working on a temporary basis.

Student Payroll Timesheet

student payroll timesheet

For students who are working under teachers and professors, this template is appropriate for such purposes if they are doing a paid job under them. With spaces to write down basic information about the student’s name and department and also assignment code, you can write down 2 weeks worth of work done and pay rate.

Payroll Timesheet Procedures

payroll timesheet procedures

Payroll Timesheet Calculator

payroll timesheet calculator

EMO Exempt Employee Time Sheet

emo exempt employee time sheet

Sample Payroll Time Sheet

sample payroll time sheet

Payroll Timesheet Example

payroll timesheet example

Why You Need Sample Payroll Timesheet Calculator?

As a person who is professionally involved in 21st century business world, a lot of work and payments are to be made. To keep track of payments and deals struck need to be recorded in a proper place and at extreme convenience. These templates help you calculate the payroll of workers under your employment especially if you are working in a small business or have a job that requires payment in matters of days or week as the span to complete the entire job will not extend more than 3 months.

When You Need Sample Payroll Timesheet Calculator?

Calculation for payroll becomes hectic and cumbersome since they stretch in matters of days or weeks. Being payable for each day’s work depending on the hour they invested is quite tough to follow up mentally. That’s when using Sample Payroll Timesheet Calculator templates becomes extremely handy as they’re in tabular form, recording time becomes easier if you’re prone to confusion. If you are working with temporary basis workers, suppose you have a kitchen renovation job for a group of 4 people, noting down their hours worked and pay rate per hour, helps paying them exactly right for their honest work.

Benefits of Sample Payroll Timesheet Calculator

Sample Payroll Timesheet Calculator templates are organized and simplified with pre-defined rows and columns which are easily editable and customizable. You can easily download them and access it to your convenience as because they are operable in any platform. You can print them out if that is more convenient for you. It helps keep you updated on their payrolls too.

Easy to use and can be freely downloaded, all of our templates can be used without any worries. You can open them in PDF or Excel format. These templates help you in a lot of ways and avoid missing giving your workers their honest work’s worth.

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