Our website gives you the finest samples for templates of guided reading Unit Lesson Plan Template which helps in teaching and assisting students in reading. These templates come in simple yet amazing designs that would help in making an impact on others. You can select your desired template to start your work.

Sample Guided Reading Lesson Plan Format


This sample of guided reading lesson plan is meant for emergent readers. This plan aims to provide readers with an overview of the lesson plan, followed by an assessment opportunity and reflections of the subject topics. The lesion starts with a pre- reading discussion, followed by an introduction to the text and a series of activities after the reading is over.

Sample Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan  Example


This sample of Madeline hunter lesson plan does not provide any guideline; instead it aims to provide the reader an overview about the concept of guided reading, what are its principal objectives, aims and objectives of guided reading. This template also makes a detailed outline on what it aims to achieve during the process of guided reading.

Sample Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan PDF


This sample of guided Madeline hunter lesson plan is a sample of how guided reading is conducted. The template starts with the name and basic details of the book and then proceeds to make a plan about the objectives of this reading session. The template seeks to establish a connection between the readers and the text by the power of observation. It provides a scope of homework, assessment and reflection during the process of lesson plan.

Blank Sample Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan


This sample of Madeline hunter lesson plan is a blank template is a blank template, which can be used for planning any lesson. This template begins with a basic introduction with the instruction of the book, including title, vocabulary and group of words. Other parts includes, text reading, observation and guided writing.

Sample Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Download


Printable Sample Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan


Writing Guided Reading Lesson Plan


Transitional Guided Reading Lesson Plan


Guided Reading Lesson Plan to Print


Guided Reading Lesson Plan to Download


What is Guided Reading?

Guided reading is commonly described as a method of teaching, where students in small groups are taught reading proficiency. Each session typically last for less than half an hour and has a cretin set of objectives. The main objective of this approach is to teach students strategies to understand and make meaning from text.You can also see Sample Blank Lesson Plans

What Are The Goals Of Guided Reading?

  • One of the main and important purposes of guided reading is to choose books which are of the child’s instructional level.
  • It aims to take students through a series of text which gradually become more difficult with an increase of their skill set.
  • Guided reading also helps to introduce new vocabulary in any new child.
  • It helps them to think independently and ask questions and to practice ongoing assessment.
  • Lastly it aims to foster the joy of reading among kids.

What Are The Features Of Guided Reading Session?

Guided reading sessions can be broken down into several categories. The first section begins with the book introduction. The second one is known as the strategy check where students develop their own strategy for reading the book. The third portion is titled as independent reading where students are encouraged to read and interpret the text as per their understanding. The fourth and fifth section is titled as returning to the text and response to the text. The last section is known as re-reading the guided text in order to get a better comprehension of the entire subject.

The concept of guided reading is not new. It has been in vogue in the e western countries for a pretty long period of time. If you wish to be a part of the guided reading curriculum, the templates given above would give you a good example of how to approach the subject and deal with it from the student’s point of view.

In a high resolution and excellent patterns, these templates have a wide variety which would keep your options open for a perfect template. These templates make your work easy and effortless with the help of their perfect formats. Download and print them in DOC format from our website.You can also see Sample Daily Lesson Plans.

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