The retail and consumer door hanger template is used to make an advertisement related to trading industry. This is created for business and commercial purposes. The content can be place in the door hanger with a variety of choices to select for the suitable style and design.

The examples are free and downloadable when you found this retail and consumer door hanger in website template. The examples can be used as a model for creating a door hanger for your own business and have it print after. Using a Microsoft Word, PDF, or Excel, making a door hanger for retail and consumer business can be done with ease but artistically.

Fashion Retail and Consumer Door Hanger Template

Fashion world offers lots of potentiality to experiment. Any fashion house can market their service and product through their aesthetically done door hangers. While designing the door hangers, keep in mind the kind of designer clothes you sell. The door hanger has to bear your logo and caption preferably on upper side of the card. Put a picture of the cloth-line you are currently showcasing or coming soon.

Retail and Consumer Door Hanger Template

This is the simple type of door hangers required particularly in business houses and hotels. For corporate business houses, these door hangers should be of simple design with straight-forward instructions like ‘Do not disturb’, ‘Meeting is going on’, Out of the cabin’ and ‘Knock before you enter’. Colours of the business door hangers must be in pastels while hotel door hangers can be flashy with peppy colours.

Corporate Retail and Consumer Door Hanger Template

Corporate door hangers should by classy, direct and precise. It must not contain anything sassy as this does not go with the corporate ethics. Put a straight-forward tag line first and then describe your company or services in short. It is better if a relevant graphics is added just below the description. At bottom of the door hanger, inscribe company’s name with slogan. Then mention full address with phone numbers in bold fonts for easy visibility.

Business Retail Door Hanger Template

Corporate Retail Door Hangers

Retail and Consumer Door Hanger Sample

Retail and Consumer Door Hanger Example

Why Do You Need Retail and Consumer Door Hangers?

Through door hangers, you are actually advertising your brand to the world. This is an effective form of direct marketing. It certainly helps you to generate more and more customers for your business. Door hangers are also very cost-effective as you don’t have to pay anyone to speak for your brand or company.

Through them you can even provide fresh information on your services and products direct to potential customers. It is first impression that your company can make to last in long run. You can also see Promotional Door Hangers.

How To Make Retail and Consumer Door Handles?

You can design your own retail and consumer door hanger with the elements you want to focus on. If you are clueless, then surf internet to get free template design ideas. Choose the base colour of door handles carefully. Add some fluorescent colour to highlight something.

You can experiment with the shape of the door hanger like a stiletto shoe style door hanger is perfect for a ladies shoe manufacturing unit and a coffee cup door hanger conveys clear message of a café. You may like Consulting Services Door Hangers.

Tips for Designing Door Hangers

  • Door hangers come in small sizes. You don’t have the luxury to play with lots of space. Therefore, keep your message short and simple.
  • Base colour of the door hanger must create a nice contrast with the colour of the printed letters. Otherwise it may give trouble to consumers to read out the card.

Door Hanger is a common marketing practice that business houses adhere to communicate directly with the potential consumers. You can literally put anything on your retail door hanger to catch the eyes of the consumers. The door hanger formats boost your marketing strategy. The solo purpose of the retail and consumer door hanger is to generate business.

Put a catchy line to get the attention of the people instantly but never put anything that does not go with the ideology of the company or brand. Always put the full address of the company along with phone numbers. This two are the main points of communication for potential customers.

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