The letter given to vacate any position in the office requires a formal notice, for this the templates to vacate are created. Download 30 Day Notice Templates for free and deliver to the concerned official so that they can be removed from their posts or rooms. The samples are specially designed so that a formal and dignified behavior is maintained.

The supervisor can utilize these 30 Day Notice Templates when the entire office is under a dry spell and the authority considers shacking of staffs or to a particular staff along with a brief reason behind such action. The samples are basically used for commercial purposes and available online in word, excel, PDF form. Print and customize the chosen template from varied examples them to add the name of your company or organization etc.

Notice to Vacate Sample Template


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Eviction Notice Template

eviction notice template

This eviction notice template can be used when you want your property vacated by the tenant for a particular reason. If the tenant has not paid the rent, damaged the property, abandoned the house or kept more than the agreed number of members in the property, then the landlord has legal right to ask for an eviction.

Notice to Vacate Letter

notice to vacate letter

It is a simple letter than a tenant can send to his landlord and express his intentions to vacate the property by a specified date. In the end, he may also ask the landlord to refund his security deposit amount and free him.

Notice to Vacate Property

notice to vacate property

This one is a detailed notice sent to a tenant by a landlord to vacate a property. It contains the details of both parties, along with the details of the property being talked about. This letter is not treated as a legal notice, but as a letter to show landlord’s intentions to the tenant, as that he can stay prepared.

30 Day Notice to Vacate Template

30 day notice to vacate template1

If a tenant wants to vacate his leased property, he needs to give at least 30 days notice to the landlord. During this period, the landlord can look for an alternate tenant and make preparations for the move. The tenant mentions his responsibility to pay the rent for this period, and hand over all the keys, remotes and other things before vacating the house.

Notice to Vacate Template PDF

notice to vacate template pdf

Notice to Vacate Template

notice to vacate template

Intent to Vacate Template

intent to vacate template

Notice to Vacate Form

notice to vacate form

Why Do You Need a Sample Notice to Vacate Template?

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you can’t just get the property vacated in an instance. A notice period of at least 15 or 30 days is required to intimate the other party about your intentions.

So, if you are a landlord and want your property to be handed over by a specified date, or if you are a tenant and want to vacate a property, then you can use any of these sample notice to vacate templates to specify your plan. You may like Final Notice Templates.

When Do You Need a Sample Notice to Vacate Template?

You need a sample notice to vacate template when you want to get rid of a tenancy and notify the other party about your intentions. In this notice, you will mention your plan to vacate the property, reason for it, and consequences of the breach.

Sending a notice to vacate make things easier for both the parties, so that they can stay prepared for the upcoming events. You can also see Notice To Vacate Letters.

Benefits of a Sample Notice to Vacate Template

A sample notice to vacate template is extremely helpful in creating a notice without any prior experience. Even if you are sending such a notice for the first time, you can create one like a pro using these templates.

All these templates are 100% customizable as per your needs, and they are extremely easy to download and use as well. You don’t even need any technical skills to start using them, you can show your professionalism with the help of these templates.

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