Hand and foot game is a card game in which the hand which is the first stack of cards that the player has and then to a foot meaning the second stack of the card set in the table. Score is generated when a player has all his or her card in the table and losses if it gets back to him or her. Each round and card has their corresponding points, using a score card templates, judges for this game will be in no trouble scoring each player. You can also see Basketball Score Sheet

This game has numerous variations and no standard rules, but setting the conditions for a specific hand and foot game will set the basis for scoring each rounds and cards meld will set the winner for each round. Format and layout for each score sheet for this game depending on the number of players and set rules for the game.

Hand and Foot Score Sheet Sample

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Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template

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Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template Doc


The template is designed to have a proper record of the score sheet for the Hand and foot game. The template helps to keep a check on every activity of the player and the scores that they have scored in order to have a just result. It can be customized according to different rules for the game.

Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template

The template is designed in a more statistical way with proper detailing and format. The Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template consist of various columns made under different heading with respect to the name of the candidate and how much points have been scored according to the rounds held.

Hand and Foot Score Sheet Rules


The template serves the purpose of stating the rules and regulations of the game. It also conveys the punishment given if anyone who cheat. The template also lays down the points that will be scored by the person according to the first hand and the second hand. It designs the game for four people in order to have an easy handout for the sheet of Rules to have no trouble for scoring.

Hand and Foot Score Sheet Download


The Hand and Foot Score Sheet will contain the name of the players in different columns divided with a total after each round. The pointing will begin with the 90 Meld and after every 30 point it will shoot to 120 Meld and 150 meld being divided in three groups.

Hand and Foot Score Sheet PDF


Hand and Foot Card Game Score Sheet

Why to Choose Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template?

The template is designed as per the need of making the scoring easy and with no trouble. It is obvious that one can certainly not remember the scores of the different persons playing together therefore with the help of the template one can straight away start marking the points with the listing done in the score sheet so as to provide the correct Winner at the end of the game. The template can be designed as per the need of the game and in different patterns and styles. It just helps to track the right scores of the players. You can also see Canasta Score Sheets

When do You Need a Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template?

While playing a game it is necessary to remember the rules and regulations and the basis on which the points are being allotted to the players. Not only the person who is noting down the score but the players must also be known about the scoring range of the points being allotted at every right hand or foot. You can also see Tennis Score Sheets

The will be different cards for the different rounds therefore each round will be having a departed score sheet template to note down the point separately so in order to have no problem later while calculating the scores.

Benefits of Having Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template

There are many benefits of having a Hand and Foot Score Sheet template, few are listed below

  • It helps to make a fair decision while totaling the score
  • The different score cards help to make the effort less by putting up the round wise scores which can be easily added to the total score at once.
  • The template of the game helps to have a proof of the scores scored by the players in every round. · Judging is made easy with the help of the Hand and Foot Score Sheet template.
  • They can be easily customized in shape, style, size and pattern as per the requirement.

The Hand and Foot Score Sheet template make the work easy of keeping the record of the points scored by the person. It also makes the judging easy. With different score sheet template for different rounds tracking the points scored by the players after every round become fun and ease the trouble of getting to the results.

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