Cootie catcher template also known as fortune teller, chatterbox, salt cellar, whirly Bird Templates is an origami that is usually used by children for play. It consists of eight folded sides with written words inside in which the player choose to see the hidden message inside based on the questions asked to the player.

Cootie Catcher Template Wedding

cootie catcher template wedding

How to Make a Cootie Catcher

how to make a cootie catcher

Sample PDF Cootie Catcher

sample pdf cootie catcher

Example of Cootie Catcher

example of cootie catcher

Cootie Catcher to Print

cootie catcher to print

Blank Cootie Catcher template

blank cootie catcher template

Sample Cootie Catcher

sample cootie catcher

Cootie Catcher

cootie catcher

Story Teller Cootie Catcher

story teller cootie catcher

Children usually design this origami to make it look attractive and make the play enthusiastic. It shows the steps how it is made especially the folding of papers and ways to make it more innovative and how it works when played by two persons especially in the guessing part of the game.

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