An appropriate lesson plan for students of kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade, clock face is a time worksheet that can be used by the teachers to teach how to see and understand the time on the clock. You may also add memo line that can be appearing on the worksheet which will act as additional guidelines for the students. You can also choose to have numbers printed on the Clock Templates face or left blank for students to put on the numbers. You can select the most suitable template in any format you want in PDF, PSD and MS Word.

Clock Face Template

clock face template

The clock face template has a number of clock faces, with the clock hands pointed at different numbers, to indicate different times. The clock is a simple regular one, with hours and minutes marked properly on them to avoid any confusion.

Basic Clock Face Template

basic clock face template

This template has a basic clock face with the hours marked in bold number. The unique feature of this clock is that it does not have any fixed hands, and two mobile hands could be used in order to teach telling time.

Clock Face Template Format

clock face template standard

In this clock face template there are a few clock places with hands on different number depicting various times. Below the picture there are sentences stating the positions of the clock hands which the students need to fill up to tell time.

Clock Face Template Standard

simple clock face template%ef%bb%bf

This is a standard template with the hour numbers written in bold and also an equal number of balls placed next to them. You have to add two mobile clock hands when you are teaching your students to tell time.

Clock Face Template Example

clock face template example%ef%bb%bf

Clock Face Template Sample

clock face template sample

Standard Clock Face Template

standard clock face template

Clock Face Template Download

clock face template download

General Clock Face Template

general clock face template %ef%bb%bf

Clock Face Template PDF

clock face template pdf

Sample Clock Face Template

sample clock face template

Download Clock Face Template

download clock face template

Why Do You Need Clock Face Templates?

Teaching young children to tell time is one of the important parts of lesson plan for kindergarten teachers, as well as those who teach the students of grade 1 or 2. The students need a picture of a watch in front of them, in order to learn this. This is why you need a clock face template. There are various types of clock faces which can be useful for teaching students in one way or the other.  Hence there are templates with fixed clock hands, and mobile ones, and both of them could be useful in their own ways.

Who Needs Clock Face Templates?

It might occur to you that who will need the clock face templates? The answer is the clock face templates are mostly used in nursery or primary schools, because they are generally used to teach young kids to learn to tell times . Thus the teacher needs this as a part of their lesson plan for their young students. Moreover, as a parent, this can also be useful, since you can use the clock faces to make your child practice telling time.Once they are accustomed with the clock face template then you can easily make them tell times from watches. You May also See Time Sheet Templates

Tips For Making Clock Face Templates

Clock face templates are made for young kids, therefore, you must make sure that they are attractive enough for them. This means, you have to make sure that the numbers are bold enough for them to read and you can also make the clock face colorful in order to capture the attention of the students. However, the attention should be on the clock hands and numbers, and not on the designs. It is easier to teach kids telling time if you have mobile clock hands, which can be put in any position, to make sure the kids understand the process of time telling.

The clock face template is a useful thing for primary and nursery teacher. If you are not sure as to how to make them, you will find a number of templates on the internet, in various formats, which you can freely download and use according to your convenience and choice.

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