Complete and correct evaluation of a charity event is extremely difficult and time consuming if the data is not organized. So here is our special collection of the best charity Program Evaluation Templates to help you with the process. Our forms make it possible to compile all the information regarding a charity event, including performance expenses, individual donors, their donation details, total amount of donation, net amount received, tax exemptions etc into one complete document.

Charity Evaluation Sample

Hospitals are the main providers of unreimbursed attention and care to the uninsured. The number of people availing uncompensated care is on the rise and in unlikely to come down anytime soon. So an effective evaluation is needed in this sphere.

Charity Evaluation Matrix

This is a format used for effectively evaluating the functioning of a charity, weighing out its pros and cons and comparing it with the functioning of other charities. It allows one to assess the goals of various charities and means they’ve taken to achieve the goals and the impact they’ve had and also allows the comparison with other charities in that respect.

Charity Evaluation Form

  • These premium charity evaluation forms are absolutely free; you can download one template or hundreds of them from our library we won’t charge you a penny.
  • These templates can later also be used on your website or as a part of your regular donation register to organize and compile all the financial data.

You can also try using one of our project timeline templates for monitoring your progress over the time. These templates are frill-less, neat and easy to manipulate even for people with a minimal working knowledge of word or excel.

Charity Evaluation Form PDF

  • These charity evaluation forms are in doc or xls format, so you can edit them in Word or Excel. You can include or remove as many fields as you like.
  • Since charity evaluation involves a lot of paperwork and calculation it is better to process this data on computer and then take a print of the final sheet, rather than the other way around.

What is a Charity Evaluation?

A Charity evaluator is usually a non-profit organization that engages in the activity of assessing and evaluating charities. They bring together the concepts of best Business practices and Skepticism in the field of Philanthropy. Charity Evaluation is the art of planning out the charities, comparing between various charities, judging the functioning of the organizations or charitable trusts and then acting accordingly. It provides a guide, a detailed and comprehensive guideline so as to assist in clients in choosing the best charity. There are many such charity evaluators out there, one need to simply choose the best one to start off with.

What are the Benefits of Charity Evaluation?

Before understanding the benefits of charity evaluation, one must understand the benefits of charity in general. Charity is an excellent and one of the easiest means of obtaining income tax deductions. There are limits to the amount of deduction of course but the limits are set very high. So charity is of utmost importance to most business houses. An efficient charity evaluator may help in choosing best charities for you and in turn help you get the maximum deductions on your income tax. Since such evaluations deal with charities on a day to day basis, they have a good idea as to which ones are genuine and which are fraudulent.You can also see Group Activity Evaluation Templates.

How to Evaluate a Charity?

Charity evaluation can be tricky business. It is a delicate matter and must be treated very carefully. In terms of methodology, the main criterion for inclusion and comparison should be the amount of private donations received by the charity in the immediately preceding fiscal year. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the sources of these donations, they can be from individuals, corporations and other nonprofit organizations but not Government. Donations can be in cash or kind. But there must be no quid pro quo. It means that there must not be any favors for the exchange of the charity.

Both charity and charity evaluation are important concepts and need a lot of understanding from the because of its socio-economic implications. So these read to use template can come in handy for the preparation and execution of charity evaluations.You can also see General Evaluation Templates.

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