A Car Lease Agreement includes the name, registration number, model number and all other general details about the car that is leased. It gives the duration of the lease agreement and the amount and mode of payment agreed by both sides. The clauses about fuel and maintenance of the car are mentioned in the terms and conditions to be followed by the lessor as well as lessee.A provisional clause to return the car in case of any default payments is also stated in the agreement. You can now get easy to download templates right here in word and pdf format and customize them as per your requirements.

Car Lease Agreement Template

car lease agreement template

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Car Lease Agreement Template

car lease agreement template


This is a simple template that has space for the detailed information about the renters. The information includes passport number, driver’s license number, work address and some other details about the person (s) renting the car, to ensure that they are authentic renters.

Applying For Car Lease

applying for car lease


In this template there are details of how to apply for the lease of the car and other such relevant information for the renter. There are also mentions of the rules after the commencement of the rent from the company in question.

Car Lease And Service Agreement

car lease and service agreement


This is a template for car lease and service agreement. At the top of the template the names and details of the leaser and renter are mentioned followed by other details like the car service, price, rental point etc are mentioned.

Sample Car Lease Agreement

sample car lease agreement


In this template, the main points of the agreement along with the names and address of the renter and leaser are provided. This is followed by the detailed information about the car which is being leased, such as the make, model etc.

Car Lease Agreement

car agreement1

Why Do You Need A Car Lease Agreement?

The car lease agreements are useful when you are leasing a car for some times, or leasing out a car for a time period. There are different types of templates of a car lease agreement found over the net. Almost all of these templates contain the details of the person who is renting the car, or who is taking a car rent, because, it is important for a lease or a leasee to know that the other person with whom they are doing the transaction is not a fraud. Moreover, there are details of the car which is provided for the same reason.You can also see Sample Business Lease Agreements.

Who Needs A Car Lease Agreement Template?

There are a number of people and companies, leasing out a car, or taking a car for rent, who would need a car lease agreement template. When you are taking a car for lease, or leasing out your own car, then you will need a written agreement with all the important details. This is when a template found over the internet can come handy. Further, if you are a company leasing cars, you may need the template, to provide to your clients, who can just fill them up, and submit to you before taking your car for a lease.

How to Make Car Lease Agreement Templates?

There are a number of different types of car lease agreements available on the internet for free, you can just download and put on the relevant information and use them. Alternatively, you can follow one or many of the templates, and make your own agreement for a car lease. Remember to put the terms of the contract, the names of both the parties and their identification details, and the details of the car being rented in the agreement. It is also important that you mention the dates from which the lease starts on which it ends in the lease agreement.

The car lease agreement is a useful template, if you are looking for renting your car out or leasing a car from a person or company. There are a number of templates available on the internet quite easily and you can use them according to your requirement and your choice.You can also see Lease Agreements.

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