Most students in their English subject, a book summary where you will shorten out the whole context of a book or novel in which the listener or reader will easily know what is the story or lesson of the is all about. This shortening tool is the most common synopsis printed in most novels or books so the reader will get the interest of reading it.  The example template can be seen free online and downloaded. You can also see Case Summary Templates

The sample format you need is available for your application of any kinds of books you need to summarize, also Microsoft word and excel can give you the format of this. These books summary templates is helpful for students in getting the main thought of the story and tell it to the most concise form it can so the reader will get it in short time and accurately.

Book Summaries PDF

This sample of book summary template is a complete summary of the book titled ‘Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead’. The key points of the book are written down as subheads in the template. This is a very simple and concise form of work, where a person with limited time span is able to grasp the entire idea of the book.

Book Summary Template Middle School

This sample of book summary template middle school is a very simple template where instead of writing down the key points, several questions are given emphasizing on the key format. A student who manages to write down all the answers correctly proves that he has read the book.

Book Summary Template High School

This sample of book summary template high school is aimed at helping the student to understand the story , plot and characters of the book by asking him some very important questions related to the plot, summary, climax and characters of the book. The template starts with a thesis description followed by a paragraph description and summary of the plot along with the character analysis.

Book Chapter Summary Template

This sample of book chapter summary template is a sample which aims to test the understanding of a book by a person. The various section of which the student is questioned regarding the book includes main character traits, power of speech, character report card, climax of the story and importance of words and speech.

Book Summary Worksheet

What Is A Book Summary

A book summary is usually referred to as a concise reports on the main points of the book, including the actionable reports and a highlight of the important factors and incident that takes place throughout the plot. It is a perfect answer for people who does not have time to read the whole book, yet want to know the key features of the book. You can also see Interview Summary Templates

How to Write a Good Book Summary?

As a first step of writing a good book summary, it is important that you organize the ideas and thoughts in your brain since you need to accomplish the job in a limited amount of space and time. Decide on the maximum and minimum amount of words along with the spoilers.

Before you attempt to write the summary re-read the important chapters and make a note of important characters and events. Diving the plot into one or two section makes the job a lot easier. Allot some time for proofreading your work. Read and reread your work to make sure it can appeal to all its readers.

Who Reads Book Summaries?

A book summary has a diverse range of appeal depending upon what kind of book it is. If it is an academic book, then the students of school and college would be your biggest customers. There are many business books, which business executives wants to read but suffers from time crunch. For those people a concise summarized version of a book can be really helpful. ou can also see Project Summary Templates

Book summaries are really beneficial both for the reader as well as for the writer. It helps to get the story embedded in the mind with not much effort. The samples given above could help you to write a summary for all kinds of book ranging from kids story book to books of self-development meant for grownups.

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