If you are looking for attendance tracking templates, you have come to the right place. Download a high quality Tracking Templates with the best layout within seconds by a single click of a button. Generally, information recorded on printable racking template helps to determine who attended a particular meeting, work session or any other important call within a business environment.

Businesses for instance use Attendance Tracking Templates to know who did not attend a meeting or which worker did not come to work. This can help them find out what the problem is, as well as apply relevant solutions where necessary to make future attendance even better.

Attendance Tracking Software


This is a template designed for an attendance tracking software of a school. This template gives the information about the different codes to use while marking the attendance in software. It is very helpful while educating the teachers and school staff about the attendance tracking software and companies who are into attendance software manufacturing for school can take reference from this template.

Employee Attendance Tracking Software


A company making attendance management software can take help of this document while making one single document for its products. This template gives all the technical details about the different products. This template is good to present to a client who is seeking to buy and machine for attendance tracking. Feature wise differentiation is given against each model which makes a client easy to decide while buying the same.

Free Employee Attendance Tracker Form


While conducting a training program for a client it is important to mark the attendance of trainee. This template is designed for training professional to maintain the attendance of the client and also to check the output of the training session. There are separate column given to mark attendance along with the last column which states about the completion of training session.

School Attendance Tracking Template


This template is designed in ms excel format and shows the revenue loss against the rate of attendance per year. While reviewing the yearly attendance of the school month wise and checking the revenue loss against each month this is a very useful template

Child Care Attendance Tracking


Free Printable Employee Attendance Tracker


Attendance Tracking Freeware


Employee Attendance Tracking Template


School Attendance Tracking


Why We Need Letter of Intent to Purchase Business?

Professionally written letter of intent is required to showcase the interest in buying any business. These templates are designed by professional to help individual or organizations to showcase the intent of buying any business, goods or any service.

A good letter always help in building the reputation of the buyer and these template will help buyer to express his/her intent effectively. You may like Time Tracking Templates.

When we need Letter of Intent to Purchase Business?

  • To showcase the intent of buying any property or business these templates are very helpful.
  • While purchasing goods from a vendor and you need any letter to be given before the payment to gain the seller’s faith the letter of intent is very effective tool.
  • Letter of intent is also required when you propose directly to the owner of business that you are interested in buying the business.

How These Letter of Intent Templates will help you?

In the scenario when an individual or a company want to purchase something from another company or individual there has be some document to be presented to the seller. These templates will help buyer in clearly expressing the interest of buying and also motivating the seller to sell the same.

These templates are carefully designed for each kind of buying interest from a real estate or any goods or services. Also you can use this template while expressing your interest to buy a company. You can also see Inventory Tracking Templates.

A professionally written business letter always creates the good impression and these templates are very helpful while choosing different letter format to express intent in buying of different businesses.

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