The relationship within the marketplace is not only limited to business to consumer processes. There are also business-to-business transactions that are essential to be implemented to ensure that companies and other business entities involved will benefit from one another. A part of why business-to-business marketing is executed nowadays in a wider scope is due to the success of brand connections which makes businesses more trustworthy and credible.

Reselling a product from one business is essential to undergo processes as this can greatly affect the relationship between the entities in the transaction. This is the reason why there should be a procedure of preliminary acceptance whenever a business decides to resell a product from another business source. To further discuss information about preliminary acceptance of product for resale, we have put together a number of guides and tips that can help you when developing this particular type of document. You may also check our sample reseller agreements available for download on our website.

How to Create a Letter for Preliminary Acceptance of Product for Resale

Having a preliminary acceptance of product for resale letter is important for your business as it can specify the initial decision of the business with regards to the selling of the product being talked about. With this, the letter that you will come up with should be complete with the details needed to be known by the other party. Here is how you can create a preliminary acceptance of product for resale letter:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to have an initial review of the product as this is a vital part of the letter that you want to come up with.

2. List down the findings or comments of the general management with regards to the product and create a draft that will serve as your guide when creating the letter content.

3. Use a template that can help you format the preliminary acceptance of product for resale letter or you can also make the entire letter layout from scratch.

4. Just like any business letter, format the document based on industry standards.

5. Include all the information in order, may they be chronologically or logically arranged.

6. Review the document and assess whether there are certain details that you would like to add or remove.

7. Polish the document and send either a physical or digital copy to the business whom the letter is for.

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Content of a Preliminary Acceptance of Product for Resale Letter

For a preliminary acceptance of product for resale letter to be fully maximized, it should contain all the details that can specify information based on the specific transaction. If you want to come up with a complete and organized letter, the specific details below should be included in the document.

  • The date when you have written the preliminary acceptance of product for resale letter
  • The name of the representative of the business whom the other party may contact
  • The contact details of your business, including its mailing address, email address, corporate mobile number, and fax and telephone details
  • A subject heading that specifies the reason for the letter creation
  • The name of your contact with the other business who are offering their products
  • The general statement of appreciation with regards the product given for review
  • The name and other specifications of the product that you can potentially sell
  • The discussion with regards to the general assessment of the product and the people involved in the process, depending on the business division where the particular product is categorized
  • The statement that the product is still under observation and that the simple letter is specifically intended for the preliminary acceptance of the product as the business still needs to have more details about the product content and how it can be marketed and distributed in the marketplace
  • If necessary, an invitation for a meeting so that issues, questions, and inquiries can be addressed
  • A closing statement that can wrap up the entire discussion
  • The signature, work designation, and contact details of the person who wrote the letter

Tips for Making a Comprehensive Preliminary Acceptance of Product for Resale Letter

If you will develop a preliminary acceptance of product for resale letter, there are certain guidelines that you need to be aware of. To ensure that you will develop a comprehensive document, here are some tips that you may follow:

  • Use a professional business language and tone to develop a civil relationship that can grow within the development of the discussion.
  • Ensure that you have made your point clear the letter is intended only for the initial acceptance of the product and does not include the final decision of the management.
  • Be precise and direct to the point when developing your statements as you do not want to mislead the other parties regarding your decision.
  • Develop a letter that is well-formatted and organized as this document represents your business.

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Is Your Preliminary Acceptance of Product for Resale Letter Effective?

The effectiveness of a preliminary acceptance of product for resale letter depends on the balance of the letter elements that you have put together. It is important for you to create a letter format that can efficiently discuss the complete information that you would like the business that you are transacting with to be knowledgeable of. Review and assess the document as much as possible so you can secure if the there are no details that can cause future misunderstandings or can set inaccurate expectations.

The tips and guidelines that we have specified only serve as the backbone of your letter development. The best thing to do when creating this type of letter is to refer to existing samples and templates that have already been used when developing a preliminary acceptance of product for resale letter. With the precision of the details needed to be present in this document, it may be hard and intimidating to start making this particular letter. However, since you are already guided by the basic knowledge through the discussion in this post, we hope that it will be easier for you to create your own preliminary acceptance of product for resale letter in the most time-efficient and effective way possible. You may also check out sample marketing plans.

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