The written acknowledgement on payment reception(s) remains a crucial element for any “to financially” business. Lack of proper records on what money went into could mean a potential swindle or wrong use of business finance. Accountability, accuracy, legitimacy and honestly thus remain the core virtues for proper accounting, no matter how big or small the amount may be.

Creating receipts for small and major accounting is a great idea. But using free receipt templates word or the best free receipt templates excel saves you the hassle. The download and use of word and excel template comes in handy if you need the receipts in bulk, which is in fact a necessary phenomenon for an already running and thriving business.

Printable Receipt Format Template

printable receipt format template


Editable Official Receipt Template

editable official receipt template


Blank Receipt Template in Excel Format

blank receipt template in excel format


Simple Rent Receipt Template

simple rent receipt template


Cash Receipt Template in Excel

cash receipt template in excel


Simple Construction Receipt Template

simple construction receipt template


Sample Deposit Receipt

sample deposit receipt


Tax Receipt

tax receipt


Editable Contractor Receipt Template

editable contractor receipt template


Receipt for Goods or Services Template

receipt for goods or services template


Sale Receipt Template

sample sales receipt 1


printable sales receipt1


free printable sales receipt template1

Keeping records of sales, expenditures and expenses, no matter how small they may be is always a wise thing to do. Running a business without the accounting process can be potentially dangerous, which is why accountability should be a must have principle in business. You can use sales receipt templates to start accounting for those little and major transactions in your business.

Cash Receipt Template

printable cash receipt2


petty cash receipt2


cash receipt form2

You may only require downloading just one cash receipt template on your needs. If you only need one receipt and you will never need other receipts, you may download a word template that produces only one receipt, but if you need many receipts, use a template producing more than three receipts at a time.

Rent Receipt Template

printable rent receipt2


rent receipt template3


rent receipt form2

A rent receipt is used in recording and tracking of rental payments. Keeping proper records of rent payments assist you in solving in case they arise, as both the proprietor and the tenant should keep the record. Download free rent receipt template for excel which you will easily customize and use in the rent recording.

Blank Receipt Template

sales receipt


blank rent receipt1


blank cash receipt1

A blank receipt template has two receipts on one page, which allows you to give the customer one receipts while you remain with another. Download a free blank receipt template for PDF, word and excel, as a businessperson it is always advisable to give your customers the receipt for any item they do purchase.

Payment Receipt Template


example of payment receipt1


payment receipt format1


payment receipt form1

A payment receipt contains all information about the details of payment, mode of payment, date and the day of payment, which highly assist in an audit. Download a free printable payment receipt template for word and excel which enhances good recording of payments. To track your business properly good record recording is required.

Taxi Receipt Template

printable taxi receipt3


taxi cab receipt2


sample taxi receipt1

The main function of free taxi receipt templates in business is to help income tax payers to prove that they have paid taxes and give the employer proper update about the amount of money spent on fare and fuels. You can download free template through PDF form or convert it to ms word.

Donation Receipt Template

donation receipt from2


non profit donation receipt template2


church donation receipt template2

Due to the non-taxable conditions of charitable donations, a receipt has to include information about the value of donation and anything the donor receives in return. Due to Internal revenue service requiring a receipt for a donation that is more than $250, download a free donation receipt template, as IRS never gives the outline.

Restaurant Receipt Template

sample restaurant receipt1


restaurant receipt form1


blank restaurant receipt1

Downloading a free restaurant receipt template allows you to offer either printed or online receipt for your sales. A receipt template will help you in creating professional looking receipts; good cash recording in a restaurant is useful as the operators and managers will need to know how the cash is being controlled and used.

A date section, which automatically updates itself depending on the day is a feature incorporated in the form. Relevant sections such as name of the payer, receipt number, amount paid and the reason for the payment are included in the free to download template.

  • Small businesses just getting started can use these sample receipt templates to take care of their small transactions.
  • They prove useful in restaurant accounting where recording of foods sales must be kept for later reference.
  • They are good for other business like auto spares, transport service, and retail deals just to mention but a few.

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