A general receipt is a Business Receipt Template a business dealing in different goods or services issued to its clients as a means of acknowledging the receipt of payment for the goods sold or services offered. This receipt has a general format, which can accommodate the articulation of all details of the goods or services. General Receipts Templates do not require editing as it has room for the basic details of an item or service and their costs. This reduces the need of preparing specific receipt for every item or service thereby reducing costs incurred in preparing several receipts specific and distinctive for each item. It saves space, as there is no need to keep different types of receipts. Many items sold or services offered to a customer can be listed in the same sheet of paper thereby making it easy when doing calculations.

General Receipt Template

Receipt Format Template

Simple Receipt Template in Word

Cash Receipt Template in Word

Printable Rent Receipt Template

Printable Construction Receipt Template

Simple Deposit Receipt

Contractor Receipt Word Template

Editable Medical Receipt Template

Sample Delivery Receipt Template Download

Escrow Check Receipt Template

Printable School Fee Receipt Template

Rental Receipt Template


General Replacement Receipt Template


Cash Payment Receipt


Sales Receipt Template


Dependent Car Receipt Template


Payment Received Receipt Format


Copy of Receipts


Payment Receipt Example


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