Calendars are an efficient way of managing important events or pending tasks and to keep an organized routine. PowerPoint calendar templates provide an interesting take on either monthly or yearly calendars that includes all important dates or holidays that can be easily customized to add notes or reminders. These types of History Powerpoint Template can be downloaded for free from various websites. You can easily edit fonts, color and resize the size of dates according to your choice. Also, this helps a lot in remembering important dates, and to keep a track on pending tasks or even upcoming ones by storing your pre-planned activities.

PowerPoint Calendar Template 2016

This template provides 7 color options with 36 slides and 2000+ total slides. It can be printed in A3 and A4 size. It also has a ready to use image placeholder. The pixel dimension of this particular template is 1920×1080 and its aspect ratio is 16:9, 4:3. Because of its fully customizable layout, this template is a good choice for a PowerPoint calendar.

PowerPoint Calendar Template 2015

A PowerPoint calendar template of this type comes with a simplistic yet stylish layout. It comes with 12 unique slide options that display tasks to be completed in days or months for proper plans of, suppose, a business presentation. All the slides can be easily customized. Color options are blue variations on black and white backgrounds. The free fonts that can be used in this template are Georgia and Calibri.

PowerPoint Calendar Template Download

This template comes with features like two different aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9, includes two file formats like PPT and PPTX, fully editable content such as fonts, colors, shapes of the template layouts. The background of these layouts can be easily modified according to your needs. You can even add some great effects to slide transitions making the whole project look appealing.

PowerPoint Timeline Template

This template is basically for creating a calendar with a timeline. It comes with 2 color variations and the calendar can be printed out in PDF format. It consists of variations like PowerPoint PPT and PPTX. It is beneficial to use this template for a proper calendar design because it comes with 36 different slides that are fully customizable. The aspect ratio of each slide is 16:9 that comes in very high resolution (1920×1080). Such a template allows you to even insert charts and other diagrams, making it even more popular among people.

PowerPoint Monthly Calendar Template

A very simple PowerPoint calendar, this template consists of 41 unique slides that contain basic information about what a calendar is all about. This provides you with simplistic but useful knowledge about many dates and also marks important dates on a calendar, like Teacher’s Day and Mother’s Day. This kind of template can be used for educational purposes and since it is fully customizable, you can re-create the same and implement in an interactive session.

Calendar 2016 Presentation Template

Sample 2016 Calendar PowerPoint Template Download

PowerPoint Calendar Template Download

A calendar is so very important to store information for particular dates. Moreover, we tend to forget about our pending tasks or something that requires urgency. A PowerPoint calendar is an easier way to get it all solved. You just need to download a template for the same purpose. Quite a number of websites provide such templates which is free to download. A good template helps you to create that personalized Calendar Template with all the information that you need to store. So, it is quite evident that these PowerPoint calendar templates are an efficient way of creating your personalized calendar which is a good way to handle multiple projects simultaneously. So look no further and start downloading these templates and enjoy a hassle-free way of getting reminders.

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