There are  many Printable Label Templates lying around the internet, and perhaps you stop to wonder which among these could be the best to use for your next task. To be honest, with hundreds to tens of thousands of these available, you cannot miss something that will best attract your eyes and suit your needs.

We have made available free best templates from different sources on net on one page so that you have easy and instant access for download and print. Whether you want to make just a single label or multiple labels, these printable templates will prove useful, as they are ideal for the next project you are undertaking.

Beer Label

beer label

It’s all about marketing these days. Having a proper label for your brand of beer is a must. Download our collection of Beer Label Templates which will help advertise your brand to the maximum extent. There are a great number of labels to choose from each with different fonts, images and texture which you can customize to fit your needs.

Wine Label

wine label

In this age of advertising, even good wine needs to come in a proper bottle. Download our collection of Wine Labels which will help give your bottle a classy vintage look that attracts buyers. The labels provide ample space to put in the name of your brand and any other artwork you desire.

Mailing Label

mailing label

It seems to be a good idea to have a mailing label if your work requires you to send mails on a regular basis. Download our collection of Mailing Labels Templates which give all your correspondence a touch of professional panache. Besides they come in various textures and formats, with lots of spaces to put in any additional details you need.

Shipping Label

shipping label

Our collection of Shipping Labels Templates are smart, professional and saves a lot of time and effort on your part if you have to send a lot of material to different places on a fairly regular basis. Not only are these labels eye-catching but they also come in different fonts and textures which fit a wide variety of purposes.

Cd Label

cd label template

If you are involved in the movie or the record industry, you may find it useful to take a look at our excellent collection of CD Label Templates. These labels come in various fonts and textures and help attract prospective buyers. That apart they also have ample space for you to add text and images.

Address Label


address label

From posting mails to sending packages for personal use or for business, our collection of Address Label Templates has every kind of label to fit your needs. These labels are spacious and can accommodate extra text and artwork. That apart from the vibrant font and background gives your mails or packages a classy look.

Printable Label

printable label

Whatever be the nature of your business, you need to download our collection of Printable Label templates for promotional and advertisement purposes. These labels come in various backgrounds, fonts and layouts and are easily customizable to fit images and text to suit your business or personal needs.  Some of them even come with pre-written text for specific purposes which save both time and effort.

Valentine’s Day Label

valentine’s day label

If you responsible for running a store or your business require you to handle a lot of clients, it may be a good idea to download our collection of Valentines Day Labels. Using these labels in your correspondence and deliveries helps send positive vibes to your customers/clients. Not only are these labels vibrant but they also provide ample space for product advertisement.

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