If you’re in school or college or just an adult with impressive organizational skills you need these templates in your life. These templates are meant for almost anything you want to label, a folder, copies, textbooks, files, and assignments.

There are tons of options available to download and use with just a few clicks. These inexpensive templates come in various styles like vintage with blank and white and colourful ones with curvy designs, space for logos and tags for you to customize as you wish. Some of these have space for adding extra text in addition to the space provided for filling in details.

Beer Label Templates




If you’re looking for authentic templates these will do the job. These beer templates come in various colours, designs with popular beer logo backgrounds and fully ready or you to add your text and customize for future use. If you have a brewery and want a specific label you can try these out as they are easily customizable. (5+ Beer Label Templates)

Water Bottle Label Templates




These templates are great for use as they come in umpteen of formats for you to download and use including Adobe Illustrator. The most basic ones have a white background with a certain section for bar code and nutritional facts. You can also get your hands on some really fancy ones that comes with colourful designs and backgrounds. (8+ Water Bottle Label Templates)

Wine Label Templates




Whether you have a brewery or are just gifting wine to someone you can make good use of these templates. They are very elegant to to look at and comes with space for details like, company logo, year, content volume, alcohol percentage along with the name of the wine. In case you are gifting it to someone you can make use of the templates that allow you to add in the name of the recipient. (6+ Wine Label Templates)

Mailing Label Templates




These templates are a great option for use as mailing labels are they are really simple to download, format and use quickly. They have plenty of space for text insertion that may include company name, logo on the top or sides, address and contact details. These can also easily act as a part of shipping labels.

Shipping label Templates




These templates can be of several types including basic versions and finely detailed ones. The basic version of these templates includes the company name and recipient name along with the address of the company and the recipient. A more detailed one may include information slots like product description, quantity and some payment details. (5+ Shipping Label Templates)

CD Label Templates




These templates are very diverse in nature and can include white backgrounds in the form of the disk or just rectangular pieces which can be easily downloaded and cut out for use. You can also get a hold of the ones that let you add pictures and fine details about the cd’s content as you like. ( 5+ CD Label Templates)

DVD Label Templates




These templates are very useful to add in all the details you wish were on your favourite dvds to make life easier. You don’t need to guess the contents of your dvd, just download these templates and use what suits your need best. These mostly come with white blank backgrounds, but some have slots for adding details like date of recording, content name etc. (6+ DVD Label Templates)

Address Label Templates




Be it your company address or home address, you can now use these templates for mailing, shipping and more. These templates are very diverse in terms of colours, styles and space for detail addition. You can go for blank with white background like the basic styles or use a fancy one with colourful patterns and beautiful fonts for inscribing your address. (7+ Address Label Templates)

Printable Label Templates




No matter what you study or teach or where you work, anyone can make use of these templates. They come in various shapes, sizes with colourful and the vintage black and white patterns to write your name, subject and content details in the provided slots.  You can also go for the ones that come with small messages on the labels separate from detail slots. (10+ Printable Label Templates)

Return Address Label Templates




These templates can be similar and different to address labels, but contains more or less similar details. They are available for instant download and easily customizable and printable. These have slots for the recipient and sender address with name and contact details and product descriptions in some. The numbers per sheet of such templates may vary depending on size. ( 8+ Return Address Label Templates)

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