An invoice is a document issued to a buyer by a seller indicating the product, quantity of a product or service sold and the agreed prices to be paid within a set period. Moreover, it is necessary for the payment terms to be included in the invoice.
To make the payment and most likely offers a discount if the payment is done before the specified date. At some times the buyer may have done the payment of the products as a prepayment and therefore may not necessarily do the payment. To write a good invoice you may first start by downloading a sample invoice in word, which would serve as the reference for writing all other invoices.

Blank Invoice Template

blank invoice template3


General Invoice Template

general invoice template in word


Invoice Example in Word

invoice example in word


Basic Invoice Template

basic invoice template in excel


 Simple Invoice Format

simple invoice format


Editable Commercial Invoice Template

commercial invoice template3


Sample Lease Invoice Template

sample lease invoice template


Rental Invoice Template

rental invoice template1


Legal Invoice Template

legal invoice template


Sample Work Order Invoice Template

sample work order invoice template


Easy to Edit Purchase Invoice Template

easy to edit purchase invoice template


Freelance Invoice Template

freelance invoice template


Self Employed Invoice Template

self employed invoice template


Commercial Invoice Templates


word commercial invoice template2


editable commercial invoice template2


commercial invoice template2

Is your business selling and shipping good internationally? If yes, you may find Commercial Invoice Template completely useful. You can record your final bills here after your business ships goods. It is important to note that there must be an agreement between the seller and the buyer for this document to be valid. (12+ Commercial Invoice Templates)

Blank Invoice Templates


tax invoice template2



blank invoice template2

Blank Invoice Templates lets you set up a payment means if you offer goods and or services on pay later terms. Use the template to fill in the order and the type of details related to the order. You can then forward the invoice to the buying customer either by fax or email. (19+ Blank Invoice Templates)

Contractor Invoice Templates


blank contractor invoice template2


contractor invoice template pdf2


download contractor invoice template2

A freelancer must always look professional and one of the best ways to do that is by creating a contractor invoice. A Contractor Invoice Template can help you create a formal bill for the service you provide to your clients. Once complete, you can send the invoice to your customers through fax or via mail. (9+ Contractor Invoice Templates)

Proforma Invoice Templates


proforma invoice template free download2


pro forma invoice template for excel2


proforma invoice format2

A Proforma Invoice Templates will help you provide an initial price quotation, which you can send to the customer before the initial sale of the actual product. Use this to give additional details about the product to the customer because you have the space, although the initial purpose of the document is to confirm a purchase order. (7+ Proforma Invoice Templates)

Service Invoice Templates


free download service invoice template2


printable service invoice template2


sample service invoice template2

Every person running a business can use the Service Invoice Template to create a service invoice. The service invoice serves as an important tool, which clearly shows the details of the services you have provided to your clients. It is important that you make the invoice professional, this way, the client will view you as professional. (21+ Service Invoice Templates)

Tax Invoice Templates


tax invoice template download2


simple tax invoice template2


download tax invoice template2

Your business must keep a record of sales for easy taxing. You need to do this on a regular basis to keep a transaction of sales tax on items and customer purchase records. The Tax Invoice Templates available for download will help you key in the sales tax data and then calculate taxes and grand total.(10+ Tax Invoice Templates)

Word Invoice Templates


billing invoice template2


blank invoice template21


proforma invoice format3

Word Invoice is an important part of every business. It not only helps the business to keep track of its sales but also helps with tracking other business expenses. While creating the invoice from scratch sounds like a great idea, downloading Word Invoice Templates and editing it to match your business goals will help save time and money. (15+ Word Invoice Templates)

Business Invoice Templates


business invoice format2


business invoice template word2


free business invoice template2

You will always need evidence on goods sold to customers. A business invoice is therefore an effective tool to let customers know how much they owe your business. Use Business Invoice Templates to create an accurate business invoice within few seconds. You can download, customize, personalize and print the results ready to use for the business. (12+ Business Invoice Templates)

Importance Of Invoice:

In the rental industry, it is always useful to include a specific reference to the date the billing is being done. The invoicing is usually done according to the duration and not only by price, quantity or discount. A rental invoice mostly includes the hours, days or months being billed and both the buyer and the seller.

An invoice may turn to be important to the businessperson in many ways. they are used to demand for payments from the buyers; helps in tracking the inventories and conducting the inventory valuation in the end of a financial period; helps in controlling the sales within the business; and enhances the best delivery of goods and services. In addition, it allows the development of customer relationship by the offering of increased time for payment and a discount if the payments are done earlier.

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