An invoice is an essential document in almost any kind of business. The issuance of an invoice to customers is an integral part of any business transaction. This means that issuing an invoice cannot be done without. This is due to the fact that businesses rely on the level of trust and loyalty that they inspire among existing and prospective customers.

Purchase Invoice Template

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Whether you are business owner or a manager, you need to prepare an appropriate invoice for your business. For your convenience, our website offers you a wide array of purchase invoice templates, vehicle invoice templates, and many more. Scroll down below and download our invoice templates now!

Car Purchase Invoice Template

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The issuance of an invoice as compared to mere verbal accosting of a customer pertaining to payment due is indeed a more formal and professional method. Hence, it inspires customers to treat a business with the same level of integrity and professionalism that they exhibit in their business dealings with customers.

Vehicle Purchase

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What Are the Elements of a Purchase Invoice?

  • Your company’s information such as:
    • the address
    • the contact number
    • the email address
    • the logo of your company
  • The invoice number, which is basically a set of unique identifying numbers that separates one invoice from other invoices
  • The information of your customer such as:
    • the name
    • address
    • contact information
    • and other pertinent details that are necessary for the specific kind of business transaction availed by him/her
  • The itemized list of the purchase made
    • the column for the item purchased
    • its quantity
    • the price per unit
    • the total price per item purchased
  • The total amount of the transaction including the following fees:
    • the delivery fee if applicable
    • the taxable items
  • The payment terms
  • The delivery terms
  • The signatures of
    • the client
    • the sales clerk or staff processing the purchase

If you want to know more about invoices and its items and content, our collection of invoice format templates can provide you with the kind of information that you need. In relation to this, we also have contractor invoice templates that are specifically designed for companies, businesses, and freelancing professionals who are offering their services on a contractual basis. To access the said templates, simply click on their respective links.

Purchase Invoice Sample

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Purchase Order Invoice

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Used Car Purchase Invoice

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Why Issue Purchase Invoices?

The following are the reasons why you must issue purchase invoices in your customer’s regular purchases:

  • Legal requirement. Even though it is your legal right to demand payment from your customers, you are still required by law to formally demand payment first before you can start a legal proceeding in order to legally oblige them to pay.
  • Evidence. In case you have already started legal proceedings to cure a customer’s non-payment, then you may use your copy of an issued purchase evidence as evidence of your previous demand for payment
  • Business analysis. Lastly, purchase invoices are a good source of information when you are analyzing your business strategies. These documents can help shed light as to the buying trends of your customers.

For more reference as to the different types of invoices other than purchase invoices, you may check out website’s collections of sales invoices, IT invoices and cash invoices.

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