The IT industry has become extremely relevant in this day and age due to the rapid technological advancements and digitalization of businesses. The IT industry has a wide scope thus enabling IT business owners to be more liberal as to the kinds of IT services and products to be offered in their companies.

If you are an owner or a manager of an IT company, then you must be aware of the use of invoices. An invoice template allows your company to deal with your customers in a transparent and professional manner thus encouraging them to continuously engage your IT company for their future needs. To know more about the content of an IT invoice and its uses, refer to our IT invoice templates on this page.

IT Consultant Invoice Template

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IT Contractor Invoice

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IT Services Invoice

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The Uses of an IT Invoice

  • It is a formal manner of requesting your customers to make their payment for the service or product that they have availed from your IT company.
  • It is tantamount to the legal requirement of prior demand for payment before you can start any legal proceeding pertaining to the non-payment of a customer’s due. In relation to this, should your customer fail to or resist from paying the amount he/she is required to pay, then the IT company may opt to begin legal proceedings. In such a case, the IT invoice would be extremely helpful since it is a legally admissible evidence in court due its standardized form.
  • It is a reliable source of information as to the amount an IT company is earning monthly or annually. Hence, it would be of great use in making tax claims.

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IT Company Invoice

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The Parts of an IT Invoice

  • The Header or Letterhead. It contains the following information:
    • The company’s name
    • The company address
    • The company’s contact information
    • The company’s logo
  • The Date. This is the date of the day when an invoice is issued to the customer.
  • The Invoice Number. Each piece of invoice has a unique identifying number that serves to delineate it from the rest of the invoices. It is a serial combination of numbers.
  • The Customer’s Information. It contains the following:
    • The customer’s name
    • The customer’s address
    • The customer’s contact information
    • Other pertinent information of the customer that is necessary in the effective delivery of whatever service he/she is expecting from the company.
  • The List of Goods and Services. This part contains the following information:
    • The name of the goods and services
    • The price per unit
    • The size or volume per unit purchased
  • Total Amount. The total amount is the summation of the following:
    • The total amount for the goods or services availed by the customer
    • The delivery fee if applicable
    • The taxable items
    • Other fees
  • The Payment Terms

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