The number of complaint letters written last month alone can be overwhelming to count. The notes come from various senders for different reasons, and they almost always deserve a mix of professional and friendly response. It can be time-consuming to write a complaint letter, not forgetting the possibilities of expressing anger because of frustrations. More often than not, using a sample complaint letter can help you communicate your disappointments the right way without hurting anyone with your words.

Sample Airline Complaint Letter


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Anyone can write an airline complaint letter. While writing this letter, make sure you are addressing an issue. You can download this sample template to see the format and example of the airline complaint letter.

Sample Business Complaint Letter


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Business complaint letters are quite common these days. Usually, the management often writes the letter to address an internal issue or an external situation. The sample complaint letter is free to download.

Customer Complaint Letter Sample


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If you would like to write a complaint letter to a service provider for getting bad service , you may find this sample template useful. The sample gives you the idea on how to structure your letter in the correct format.

Employee Complaint Letter Sample


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Complaint letter from employees are often address matters affecting employees at the workplace. All you have to do is, download the template and then replace the sample text with yours.

Harassment Complaint Letter Sample


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Unfortunately, harassment is common in many business places, but it is the worst business practice of all the time. If you notice this behavior in the workplace, you can use this sample document to report the incident.

Sample Landlord Complaint Letter


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Sometimes, tenants are ignorant to details and many don’t even follow specific residential instructions. If you are dealing with these kinds of tenants, you can use this sample to write them complain letters.

Noise Complaint Letter Sample


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If someone just moved in the neighborhood and all he or she has done in the last one month is making noise, use this sample layout to write the note. The sample is free to download, and it is 100% editable.

Product Complaint Letter Sample


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Even if you believe that your product is good, customers may not think the same. At the end of the day, some consumers will commend your offer while others will complain. You can use a sample complaint letter to collect their feedback.

Sample Restaurant Compliant Letter


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Customers who aren’t satisfied with the services offered in a restaurant can just write a complaint letter to the management. If you have never written this kind of letter before, use this sample letter as a guide.

How To Use These Sample Complaint Letters?

Use the samples to express your disappointments, not to express anger and hate for a product, business, a person, or a process. Complaint letters are supposed to be professional, which is exactly why we’ve made these samples to help you express your grievances without worsening the situation in hand. Complaint letters don’t have any specific target audience, for they can come from anyone, anytime. However, it is necessary to use a complaint letter only when you are sure there is a situation or issue worth complaining about. That way, you can be sure of getting a professional feedback to your issue as soon as possible.

What Are The Benefits of Sample Complaint Letters?

Complaint letters often ate hard to write. You tend to get emotional and feel like you are going to yell at a boss, a vendor, a consumer, or anyone else you can name. These sample complaint letters help you to communicate your problems while keeping your emotions in check. The sample complaint letters are professionally written by experts in business and human resource, which means these are the best documents that can help to communicate your anger towards someone or something and still be able to maintain a long-lasting relationship.

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