Whether you are freelancing or running different projects for your company at the same time a project tracking plan is needed. It helps you to make sure you know what is going on around you. Also helps you keep track of different tasks involved in the different Project Proposal Templates. The project tracking templates you can use are really helpful and their detailed layouts help a lot.

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel 2010

Project Tracking Spreadsheet Template


Project Tracking Excel Template

Project Management Tracking Template


Project Management Template


Project Proposal Template


Features of Project Tracking Template:

  1. These templates offer priority settings. You can add the task tracking template which are important or need reviewing from your employer by adding them under the priority column.
  2. These templates are perfect for people who work freelance and are always travelling as it gives them the option of check up on their projects and knowing what has been done.
  3. The templates are free and can be downloaded easily. It will help you conserve time and maintain efficiency.

Premium Features Project Tracking Template:

  1. You can track multiple projects in one template by adding a new sheet dedicated to that project.
  2. These templates can help you record the hours of work you have provided. You do this by adding the number of hours you have worked under the costs and hour section.
  3. Avoid Project Management Templates and software which lag and slow down your work speed. With these amazing project tracking templates you are good to go in any scenario.

You can now go through the tasks anytime you wish to. Not only does this avoid confusion but you can instantly make any changes you wish to to any project plan and also archive everything that has been done. Simple Project tracking templates are the best option for any person who wants an efficient way to track their project milestones, costs etc. There are also other templates available for other areas of your project like project proposal template and project timeline template.

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