What is the point of spending bucks to buy calendars when you can create one on your own? Tracking dates just got easier and free because now you can download  Annual Calendar Template and create a good calendar on your own for the year 2015. The Printable Calendar Templates are free for download, and the package comes well put with the calendar complete.With this template system available, I do not think you would even dare think about creating your own calendar system from the ground up. The printable and Blank Calendar Templates are there to help make work easier, so take advantage of these and enjoy their benefit.

Yearly Calendar Template PSD

yearly calendar template psd

Blank Calendar Template

Blank Calendar Templates can be on with the month or year not specified, just boxes with space for days of the week. In such a template you can insert your desirable year and personalize it. There is also another kind with comes with year and month specified, but no holidays or events are marked on it.

Blank Weekly Calendar Template

blank weekly calendar template


Blank Monthly Calendar Template

blank monthly calendar template1

2016 Calendar Template

A 2016 Calendar Templates can be as simple as the months sorted out in days with dates and holidays marked on a white background to something more colourful, with tons of options like image and text insertion, deletion, task addition, space for reminders, addition of events and so on.

Printable 2016 Calendar Template

printable 2016 calendar template

2016 Calendar Template PSD

2016 calendar template psd

Daily Calendar Template

In  Daily Calendar Templates there are a few sections for daily events specified for each day like to-dos, calls to make, meetings, class or office timings, birthdays, reminders, contacts, specific work to be done that day like posting an ad, blogging, workout of the day, meal of the day, theme for dress etc.

daily calendar template

Daily Planner Calendar Template

daily planner calendar template

Yearly Calendar Template

Yearly Calendar Templates has every week specified in number. With space for individual activity for each day, it may also have extra space for notes and contacts. It may act as planner in which case will consist of marked holidays and divided into time sections for each day.

Year View Calendar Template

year view calendar template

Yearly Calendar Template PDF

yearly calendar template pdf


Planning Calendar Template

Planning Calendar Templates with a simple format consist of a space for to-dos and events on a monthly basis or weekly basis, whereas a more vivid one would have each day divided into sections like morning, afternoon, evening and night, goals, prioritized task lists, calls to be made, expenses and daily events.

Planning Calendars

planning calendars


Printable Planning Calendar

printable planning calendar


Sample Monthly Calendar Template

A sample monthly calendar template can be one with no specified month or year, but just days without dates. Here the spaces are provided to be filled in accordingly. This Monthly Calendar Templates can also have space for notes, events, contacts, but holidays and festivals are not marked in here.

Monthly Calendar PSD

monthly calendar psd

Annual Calendar Template

An annual calendar template consists of days, sorted out in months and weeks with all the important holidays the marked on it. It may also include events, places to visit, meetings, work all scheduled in it. Annual Calendar Templates may have each day sectioned into different time periods to make scheduling easier.

Annual Calendar Template 2016

annual calendar template 2015


Monthly Calendar PDF

monthly calendar pdf


Event Calendar Template

An Event Calendar Templates has every single day for a month or year scheduled with all the to-dos for the day. It can be further divided into time periods of each for an event like meetings, calls, seminars, celebrations, holidays, trips, company specified theme days, workouts, shopping and more.

Event Calendar PSD

event calendar psd

Social Media Calendar Template

A Social Media Calendar Templates when used for business can include just icons to represent social media traffic to their website for each day. it may also consist of days marked for publishing, blogging, posting new content, sending e-newsletters, important sales days on social media etc. these are also used to track social media usage for marketing.

Social Media Calendar PDF

social media calendar pdf


Editorial Calendar Social Media

editorial calendar social media


Powerpoint Calendar Template

PowerPoint Calendar Templates are really very convenient as it not only has the months and days all sorted out in weeks, but also provides space for text input and image input. All such images and texts are 100% editable at any given time. It can also act as planners.

Powerpoint Calendar PSD

printable 2016 calendar template1

Powerpoint Monthly Calendar

powerpoint monthly calendar

Training Calendar Template

A Training Calendar Templates have every single day for the entire training period of a month or year scheduled. For workout trainings it may include meal plans with workout regimens for each day, for social media marketing training plan it may include blogs, twitter, Facebook, Instagram usage timings everyday for marketing training. It varies greatly.

training calendar template

Training Calendar Template PDF

training calendar template pdf


Indesign Calendar Template

An Indesign Calendar Templates have three months divided in weeks with spaces for events, notes, marked holidays for the month or week, contact information, phone calls to be made. Some have designed pictures for every month with quotes. If it is a business calendar, then it will consist of company logo and contacts.

Indesign Calendar PSD

indesign calendar psd

Indesign Calendar Template

indesign calendar template

Weekly Calendar Template

A weekly calendar template is used to specify activities for a week, which may include meetings, workload, class timings, calls to be made, bills to be paid all categorised into different sections or simply note spaces for each day of the week. Weekly Calendar Templates may also comprise of specific timing in a day for completing each task in to-do sections.

weekly calendar template


Weekly Calender Worksheet

weekly calender worksheet

Workout Calendar Template

A workout calendar template basically has the workout regimen all clearly set for specific dates. It  also consists of reps and sets for each workout every day. In this Workout Calendar Templates the meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for each day may also be included with images for each workout every day for a month or year.

Workout Calendar PSD

workout calendar psd

Workout Calendar Template Word

workout calendar template word

Marketing Calendar Template

A Marketing Calendar Templates has varied section for tracking yearly or monthly marketing. It mainly comprises of broad categories like local marketing, in-store marketing, relationship marketing that can be further sub-divided into television commercial, print ads, social media marketing, seasonal banners, holiday banners, customer application signs, customer e-newsletters and more.

marketing calendar template


Content Marketing Calendar

content marketing calendar


Academic Calendar Template

An Academic Calendar Templates consists of each month with days marked for early release, schools closed, first and last day of class, report card issue, parent-teacher meetings, sports days, field trip days, exhibitions and other school events with probable exam dates for each subject, assignment submissions and more.

Vacation Calendar Template

A Vacation Calendar Templates will have the holidays celebrated in the place you are visiting all marked out, with days for vacation scheduled out, specific dates marked in places to be visited during vacation. There is also another kind which tracks employee vacation with section fir employee name and vacation days marked on the calendar.

Vacation Calendar PDF

vacation calendar pdf


Vacation Calendar Planner

vacation calendar planner


Birthday Calendar Template

A Birthday Calendar Templates generally has every month with a birthday themed background. Some simply have space for dates to mark birthdays and may have marked holidays and the date times, place where the person being celebrated was born in. Some have space for noting celebration timings, venues, calls to make, gift purchase days and planning parties.

birthday calendar template

Handmade Birthday Calendar Template

handmade birthday calendar template

Preschool Calendar Template

A generalized Preschool Calendar Template has all the dates of every month in a year sorted out with daily activities that kids will be going through. It comes with tick boxes for every day, sections for homework, the themes of the day, festivals, and holidays marked on it with school events like PTA meetings etc.

preschool calendar template


Excel Calendar Template

An efficient Excel Calendar Templates is used as a planner as it has the options to increase and decrease the space for events in each day. Such a template may not be a comprehensive one, but consist of detailed spaces for bill payments, shopping, holidays, meetings, calls and more. All are customizable.

calendar excel template


Printable Calendar Template

Printable Calendar Templates are one with a readable format for each month of a year. It mainly has space to include activities for each day, if not, then it has a specified section dedicated for note taking for each week or month, with or without tick boxes and a to-dos section.

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