While hiring an independent contractor or subcontractor, you must keep a legible and comprehensive record of the Agreement signed by both parties – in order to lay out the terms of negotiation clearly, and ensure full transparency. By laying out all the clauses, you minimize the chances of trouble. These Business Templates, free to download, should help you do this without any difficulty. You can also see Auto Purchase Agreement Templates.

Hold Harmless Agreement Word Template

Simple Non-compete Agreement Template

Printable Employee Confidentiality Agreement Template

Editable Service Level Agreement Template

Editable Employment Agreement Executive Template

Non Disclosure Agreement Template in Google Docs

Real Estate Partnership Agreement Template in iPages

Subcontractor Agreement Free PDF


Subcontractor Agreement for Service


Download Subcontractor Agreement


Free Subcontractor Agreement


Sample Subcontractor Agreement Template


Subcontractor Agreement Template Free Download


Simple Subcontractor Agreement Template


Subcontractor Agreement Template Construction


Independent Contractor Agreement Form


Independent Contractor Agreement


Independent Subcontractor Agreement Template


Ensure That All Your Terms are Explained Clearly

* It may be difficult to include every duty that is required of the subcontractor, in the Agreement, but these templates are sure to make the task easier by helping you list all the possible situations

* The simple Project Name-Project Owner-Project Location format, with the scope to add specific timelines, if there are any, should also help by giving everyone more than just a vague idea of when, where and how the project is to be worked on

* All you need to do is Download Business Templates that you feel suits your needs, and edit it on Word to further streamline or expand it, according to your requirements – then just print it and you’re good to go

Maintaining a Log Will Help Especially if You’re Hiring Multiple Subcontractors

* These templates will help you keep track of your Agreements with multiple subcontractors, so that you can carry out all project-related work in an uncomplicated and hassle-free manner

* All the legal nitty-gritties are explained in these templates in great detail, so you can save time, without having to worry about planning out and formatting the Agreement yourself, with or without professional help

* So you can go ahead and download the templates that you feel are best suited for your project, edit anything you feel necessary on Word or Excel, and print out your Subcontractor Agreement

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