For those who are interested in becoming resellers, sometimes a formal agreement becomes necessary. Having a reseller agreement ensures that everything and everyone involved is legally protected, thereby assuring a better overall experience. Is this something you need? Or perhaps you’re interested in learning more about this legal contract. Well, you’re in luck either way. This article not only explores this subject in greater depth, but it also provides well-made reseller agreement templates of different kinds.

8+ Sample Reseller Agreement Templates

Reseller Agreement Sample

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Restaurant Reseller Agreement Template Sample

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One Page Construction Reseller Agreement

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Reseller Agreement Template Free Download

Software Reseller Agreement Template

Reseller Agreement Template Business

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Good Reseller Agreement Template

Certificate Reseller Agreement Template

What Is a Reseller Agreement?

A reseller agreement definition is not always something one can just pin down. After all, there are many kinds out there, but for the most part, the term refers to certain business contracts. These are the legal contracts where vendors link up with resellers, forming a professional relationship between them. The purpose of this relationship is to allow the latter to sell products or goods of the former to third-party consumers. This can extend beyond physical products, however, with software reseller agreements being a very common variation. As you’ve already seen in the list above, there are multiple types of templates that anyone can download as well. Should you be in need of a hardware reseller agreement template, for example, then it should be relatively easy to find and acquire.

How to Write Your Own Reseller Agreement

Although there are available templates as seen in the selection above, there will be those who would like to make their own agreements. The creation of an authorized reseller agreement or an independent reseller agreement is not one to snooze on. While it comes recommended that you consult an attorney, you can also draft your own contract through the following steps:

Step 1: Begin With the Dates and Names

This is similar to how other kinds of agreements start out. Include the date when the legal agreement was made, along with the names of the different parties involved. Also, be sure to cite the address of each party’s principal places of residence.

Step 2: Proceed With the Reseller Appointment and Authorization

The next step is to include a declaration statement where one party is appointed as a reseller, with the other party accepting this authorization. This step can also include a statement where the exclusivity or non-exclusivity of their work relationship is specified.

Step 3: Include Conditions for the Handling of Goods

The next step will be the terms of service, where the different stipulations are expounded upon. This will be in regards to what products the reseller will purchase, as well as the provisions in the event of any modification or rejection of orders. The delivery policies and methods will also be discussed here.

Step 4: Write Down Conditions for the Payment

The last step will involve the specific conditions of the payment. This will go in-depth regarding the contract payment schedule, the amount, any details regarding taxes, and interest rates in the event of late payments.


What are the benefits of having a reseller agreement?

The immediate benefit that comes to mind would be the prevention of legal discrepancies. These also serve as guides for what one can expect or mention in other kinds of private agreements.

What separates resellers from being distributors?

A reseller buys its products from either wholesalers or from retail distribution. Meanwhile, distributors get the products directly from the manufacturers themselves.

Can a wholesaler be considered a reseller?

No, since wholesalers do not sell goods to direct end-users. Instead, they sell to retail stores and to resellers, making them completely different.

Becoming a reseller is a fine profession and like other jobs, sometimes you will need a legal contract before you can start. Whether it’s an exclusive reseller agreement, product reseller agreement, a food reseller agreement, or any other variant, know that you now have the knowledge to get what you need whenever you want. Be sure to take the brand new knowledge you’ve gained from this article and put it to good use today!

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