Are you thinking about getting into sales life? There are many ways that you can approach this new endeavor, one of which entails becoming a reseller of goods. To cinch the deal even further for you, it may be a great idea to have a reseller agreement. Should that term be a bit foreign to you now, we guarantee that you’ll have all that you need once you’ve finished this article. And yes, those needs may include having a reseller agreement template fresh from our varied selections.

9+ Sample Reseller Agreement Templates

Reseller Agreement Sample

reseller agreement template

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Size: A4, US


Restaurant Reseller Agreement Template Sample

restaurant reseller1

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The effective time for this agreement is considered as the date upon which the re seller completes the agreement procedure of reselling curriculum. This type of circumstances of reselling grants the re seller a non transferable license to sell its services. The sample re seller agreement available here shows both the parties how to create a perfect re seller agreement.

Example Reseller Agreement

example reseller agreement

In Example Reseller Agreements, the effective time for agreements is taken as the date on which the re seller finishes the agreement procedure which is reselling curriculum. These types of circumstances of reselling gives the re seller a license to sell his services, which is non- transferable.

Sample Reseller Agreement

reseller agreement

The Sample Reseller agreement available here explains to both parties how they can create a flawless reseller agreement. Resellers benefit greatly from exclusive distribution agreements since there is no competition in their geographical territory. Most of the manufacturers or resellers like to use the premium templates.

Best Reseller Agreement Template

best reseller agreement template

Some compulsory features of some of the Best Reseller Agreement Template includes having a copy of the sample agreement in MS Word format, legal proceedings details in a table format on MS Excel and a list of products and services.

Word Download Reseller Agreement

word download reseller agreement

Independent Reseller Agreement

independent reseller agreement

PDF Download Reseller Agreement

pdf download reseller agreement

Certificate Reseller Agreement

certificate reseller agreement

Authorised Reseller Agreement

authorised reseller agreement

What Is a Reseller Agreement?

A reseller agreement definition is simply put as a legal document that outlines the transaction management of specific retail goods. This is between two parties—buyers and sellers. Another term for this is retail purchase agreement. An independent reseller agreement will have only a few differences compared to a standard reseller agreement or a product reseller agreement. Whatever differences you find are the result of the two parties’ agreed-upon details.

Tips for Creating Your Own Reseller Agreement

While downloading contract templates is the easier course of action, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a contract on your own. In fact, there are many out there who prefer to craft an authorized reseller agreement from scratch so that they can have greater control over what clauses become legally enforceable. Without further ado, heed the following tips so that you too can write up your own exclusive reseller agreement.

Tip 1: Always Include Contact Details

No contract would be complete without the names of the people involved. Besides that, there are also important details that you need to include, such as the addresses of one party or the name of the corporation involved. These are important not just to fill out a contact list; these make sure that nothing crucial is missed out on and it lends further credibility to the contract.

Tip 2: Do Not Forget the Authorization

Since a reseller must first involve himself or herself with an original seller, this part of the collaboration agreement between the two is absolutely vital. Include clauses stating that the original seller is providing the reseller with the authority to sell the specific goods to others for certain prices.

Tip 3: Include Protective Terms

In the event that either party plans on tampering with their deal, certain terms of service must be included in the agreement. One example may include lowering or making the price of the resold items higher. These terms may also dictate what happens when one party is responsible for a violation.

Tip 4: Include Clauses Addressing Terminations

There may be a time when one party–or both–decides to terminate the deal. There should be something in the agreement that addresses that as well. Including this will ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition from the deal for everybody involved.


What makes a reseller different from a distributor?

A reseller is a professional who purchases from wholesalers and then sells the product directly to customers. A distributor, on the other hand, is someone with closer ties to the manufacturer, works under a distributor agreement,  and is able to buy directly from them to sell to resellers.

What are the types of resellers?

There are two different types, namely the value-added resellers and the value subtracted resellers. The difference between these two is that the former resell to customers at a full price despite buying from wholesalers or distributors at discounted ones.

How do resellers differ from retailers?

While both are sellers, those engaged in retail distribution sell manufactured goods from those who normally sell only to other businesses. Resellers, on the other hand, still have to buy goods like any other customers. The only difference is that they have no intention of consuming what they buy, opting to sell it instead.

Before you start embarking on that sales career, you need to make sure all the bases between you and the other party are covered. Contracts and agreements like a reseller agreement definitely comes in handy as you now know. Take what you’ve just learned and be prepared to check things off your reseller agreement checklist. Act now and put your new-found knowledge to good use today!

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