You may have been blessed with many resources but it is important to manage and operate efficiently in order to keep up the good work. Personal Financial Statement is a way to do so. The template will help one to develop budget charts. The varied sample can be used for personal loan as well as business loan applications. Go grab your Sample Personal Financial Statements for free and download them which are available in excel format. You can also get more information through the varied example available. These statements will help maintain the flow of cash and keep them error free.

Page Personal Financial Statement PDF

This page personal financial statement PDF, as the name suggests, is a page of a financial statement of a person, shown in a template, which is available in PDF format. It includes the name of the applicant, employer’s name, address of the employer, business phone number.

No. of years with employer, title / position, name of the previous employer and position (if current employment is less than 3 years), number of years, home address, home phone number, social security number, date of birth, name & contacts of the accountant, attorney, broker / investment advisor, insurance advisor.

Balance Sheet Icon Page PDF

This balance sheet icon page PDF, as the name suggests, is an icon page template of a balance sheet, which is available in PDF format. It states the goal right on top. Below that it gives a description alongside the cash flows, for instance the income side contains salaries, interest / dividends, real estate / business, etc, followed by the expense side.

Financial Statement Personal PDF

This financial statement personal PDF, as the name suggests, is a personal financial statement template which is available in PDF format. It shows the assets distribution. On top it shows the cash and cash equivalents divided into 4 schedules- A, B, C, D. Below that it shows other fixed assets under schedule E, F, D, D, D, C, G. Then it goes on toad the 2 to calculate the total productive assets of the firm.

Sample Completed Personal Financial Statement PDF

This sample completed personal financial statement PDF, as the name suggests, is a complete personal financial statement template, which is available in PDF format, and serves to show what a complete personal financial statement looks like.

It includes accounts payable, notes payable, monthly installment payable, other installment payable, loan on life insurance, mortgages on real estate, unpaid taxes, other liabilities, total liabilities, net worth, and total. It also puts the corresponding values of each of them alongside.

Personal Financial Statement Software PDF

Financial Statement Template  PDF

Personal Financial Statement Format PDF

Financial Statement Analysis PDF

What Are Personal Financial Statement Templates?

A financial statement or report is an official record or document of the financial position and financial activities of an entity, person or business on any particular date, usually the last day of the year.

It can also be defined as the structural arrangement of relevant financial details so as to make it easy to comprehend and to perform managerial discussions and analysis on it. A Personal Financial Statements does exactly that. It analyses the financial position of a firm on a particular day and reports it accordingly.

What Are The Types Of Financial Statement Templates?

Financial statement templates can be of 4 basic types. These are as follows:

  • Statement of affairs- It shows the financial position of a company on a particular day after having reported on a company’s equity, liabilities and assets.
  • Statement of Profit and loss- It shows the operating surplus of a company at the end of a particular period, usually a financial year.
  • Statement of change in equity- It shows the constitution of the share capital structure of a company.
  • Statement of cash flows- It shows the flow of cash throughout the business, the sources and applications, that is, inflows and outflows, etc.

How To Prepare Financial Statement Templates?

Financial statements cannot be prepared by anyone or everyone. It requires a lot of skills and technical knowhow to get these done. There are people who undergo professional training to be able to do so. So it is best left to them. You can also see Sample Statements

Since financial statement templates are not at all easy to prepare, so we have brought you a collection of templates to choose from, which will surely make your job a whole lot easier. So just sit back, and relax, download one of these and you should be good to go.

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