A license agreement is made between a licensor and licensee to authorize the latter to use the licensed product or service with certain terms and conditions. It is always feasible to keep the description of the licensed product or service as elaborate as possible. These License Agreements should also mention all aspects of the rights that the licensee would enjoy through that agreement.

The terms and conditions imposed by the licensor through a license Agreement Templates are enforceable by law; hence the clauses should be created with their legal enforceability in mind. A sample license agreement is rightly structured with all relevant clauses to guide a licensor to write a compact license agreement.

Sample Software License Agreement


The sample software license agreement template can be used for making a legally binding software agreement with clients and customers.

Sample License Agreement Template


The sample license agreement template can be used for giving the users a legally binding license agreement for the use of property or any other asset by some other entity.

Sample Product License Agreement


The sample product license agreement template can be used for producing a license on the use of a specified number of products.

Sample Exclusive License Agreement


Use the exclusive license agreement template in the form of a guide for creating an exclusive license of agreement in a way that you prefer. This template can be downloaded, printed and even edited as per requirements.

Sample Trademark License Agreement


Sample University License Agreement


Sample License Agreement


Why Do You Need License Agreement Templates?

Licensors need the license agreement templates for drafting license agreements for their licensees. The license agreements grant the licensees full rights of using intellectual property which includes trademark, software, service marks, patents and inventions. Apart from property licenses and royal rates, the license agreement templates can also be used for drafting license agreements including warranties, representations, and terms of indemnification, dispute resolution clauses and termination provisions.

These templates are highly useful and effective in framing the most professional looking license agreements that keep all the terms and conditions between a licensor and a licensee clear and transparent. You may like Software License Agreements.

When Do You Need License Agreement Templates?

License agreement templates are needed when licensors need to create legal contracts granting the licensees the right of using, selling or producing intellectual property. Since the procedure of drafting a license agreement is not a very easy one, it becomes important for individuals to make the effective use of license agreement templates.

All those people who do not have the skills and the competencies needed for drafting a license agreement can always move ahead and use the license agreement templates for framing the best license agreements. To free the users from hassles and for meeting their requirements, the license agreement templates are available in different formats like excel, word and PDF.

These well-devised and well-designed templates help in clarifying the rights to intellectual property, preventing misuse and limiting the liability of the owner in case of any mistakes. Costly legal disputes can also be avoided with the use of these templates. You can also see End User License Agreements.

What Are the Benefits of License Agreement Templates?

The importance of the license agreement templates is undoubtedly colossal and this is the main reason behind the great demand of these templates. These templates can be used for a number of purposes. They are basically high quality templates designed by experts and professionals.

The professionals make use of market terms and understanding with great care in these templates. The terms and conditions presented in these templates are editable and users have the flexibility of adding new terms and conditions as they wish.

It is always a good idea to make use of license agreement templates for helping the parties entering an agreement have a clear idea about the terms and conditions along with the other inclusions of the agreement.

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