Goal tracking is an important tool in the company. In order to monitor the status and history of every plan and project made in line with the target goals aiming to achieve, there must have a proper and organized tracking sheet. The goal tracking template is useful for business companies in order to keep updated of the actions implemented for the betterment of their companies.The examples presented in goal tracking template are free of charge which means anyone can make use of it for customization or guide for creating a similar goal tracking. These examples are downloadable in any preferred format type.You can also see Attendance Tracking Samples.

Goal Tracking Template Download

goal tracking template download


This sample of goal tracking template follows a simple, yet very effective approach in tracking goals. The sample template is divided into five different segments, like the goals, strengths, areas that need attention and a track of all the activities which would help him to achieve those goals.

Personal Goal Tracking Template

personal goal tracking template


This sample of personal goal tracking is meant to be used for the purpose of helping a student cultivate the habit of saving. This template is in the format of an excel sheet, which is divided in 5 different columns. The columns are marked as date, description, deposit, withdrawal and balance.

Smart Goal Setting Worksheet

smart goal setting worksheet


This sample of smart goal worksheet motivates a child to write down the goals and list down a series of steps which he thinks would help him to achieve his goals. This template asks a series questions and provides a set of instruction which would help a person to set his goals. Breaking down the goals into an attainable objective is the ultimate aim of this sample.

Goal Tracker Template

goal tracker template


This sample of smart goal setting is not a template in the true sense of the term; it is instead a guideline document which guides a person about the various aspects of goal setting and talks about the different aspect of a person’s goals which should be kept in mind while preparing a goal objective.

Goal Tracking Forms

goal tracking forms


Goal Tracking Sheet Template

goal tracking sheet template


Goal Tracking Template PDF

goal tracking template pdf


What Are The Different Types Of Goals?

Goals can be divided into various subsections depending on a variety of factors. However one of the major category in which people usually divide their goals includes, short and long term goals. Long term goals are regarded as life goals like, building a career, buying a house or cultivating a hobby. Short term goals aims to breaks the long term goals into small chunks, so that achieving them becomes easier. Saving a certain amount every month can as well be a short term goal for some people, which when followed diligently can lead to a big cash reserve, which can be used to fulfill a long term goal.

What Is the Importance of Goal’s In a Person’s Life?

Goals are regarded as the flag posts in our life, which provides us with a direction and purpose. Setting goals is very important as they provide clarity to our vision. It provides a person with the necessary momentum which is required to drive him forward in his life. It makes a person feel accountable for his actions and provides allows a person to challenge his limits.

What Are Some Of The Easy Tips To Stay Focused On Your Goals?

Listing down goals and hence forth sticking to them may seem similar, but actually are poles apart and quite difficult. Here are some tips which we think can help you to stay focused.

  • Concentrate on 1-3 goals at a time, instead of wandering between lots of goals.
  • Remind yourself constantly of your goals in the form of pictures, mobile reminders or anything which you think might work.
  • Create a detailed plan of achieving your goals and set milestone for each of them
  • Perform the action with friends. It helps to keep a track of the progress and makes the process entertaining and enjoyable.

Goals play a very important part in a person’s life. People who are serious about their goals achieve a lot more than expected. Use these super easy templates to list down your goals and combat your shortcomings on day to day basis.

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