The franchisee agreement template is always useful before going for any deals between the franchisor and franchise. In fact, it will state the fees, terms and other provisions for the franchisee. It is required by the franchisor as well as the franchise. So, you can simply go through the examples and samples of the franchise Payment Agreement Template. They are given in both Word and PDF formats for you to view and download in your convenient one. You can simply download the free samples, view them, customize them according to your needs and requirements, fill them up and take printouts to start off with work.

Franchise Agreement Checklist

This franchise agreement is not really an agreement , but instead a document which gives the user an idea about what are the main checklist which he should follow, in order to insure that the business with the franchise goes smooth. The various sections dealt with in this agreement includes sections treated to renewal, territory, royalties, franchise’s obligations, site accounting , trademarks and many other such factors.

Standard Franchise Agreement

This sample of standard franchise agreement is a detailed report about the agreement between two parties. The report covers various aspects of the agreement which includes, definitions, conditions, terms of renewal, financial obligations, advertisements and promotions and audits.

Sample Franchise Agreement

This sample of franchise agreement sample is an international franchise contract which is written in such a fashion so that it can be used by anyone with minimum customization. It starts with the date of the contract and continues with the details of both the parties. Then there are sections related to recitals, user guides, parties and clauses.

Franchise Agreement PDF

This sample of franchise agreement is available in PDF format, which makes it extremely easy to download and print. This too is a detailed agreement, which covers various sections related to license and system, franchise fees and advertising, reports and audits, training, trade secrets and confidentiality, obligations, indemnity, insurance and various other factors.

Draft Franchise Agreement

Hotel Franchise Agreement

Franchise Confidential Agreement

Franchise Agreement Addendum

Franchise Agreement Summary

What Are The Various Items Which Needs To Be Check Listed While Drafting A Franchise Agreement?

The list of checklist items which should find a place in any franchise agreement includes,

  • Franchise Fees And Royalties
  • Terms of contract and renewal options
  • Territory or regions of operation
  • Operating practices Trademarks Insurance and Indemnity
  • Terms of non-competition or confidentiality

What Is A Franchise Agreement?

A franchise agreement is defined as a legal contract which a company or brand requires the support or participation of another party to run or set up similar business operations in exchange of a certain share of income which is generated. A franchise agreement lists down the various details regarding duties, obligations, pricing and other terms of trade.

What Are Some Of The Things Which Should Be Kept In Mind Before Entering Any Franchise E Agreement?

  • If you are looking to establish a partnership with a well established company and brand be prepared for non-negotiable agreement. They are usually known as strong franchise.
  • If a franchise company is willing to negotiate the agreement it should be taken as a warning sign, since it does not portray a strong image.
  • Most of the agreements which are written are unilateral in nature and contains a list of very strict rules and regulations.

A franchise agreement has different versions and can be a written in different ways depending on the scope of the business and how much flexibility the company is willing to offer. There are several examples of many agreements given in our page, which might prove beneficial for you both from the point of view of a branding company or someone willing to open a franchise for a company.You can also see Sample Business Purchase Agreements.

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