First step before starting any task or project is setting a time line. Time line is a kind of chart which presents series of plans or actions of any project in progressive order. Sometimes it might be tedious task to create such template specially when a person is over occupied or have very less time. In such case this Sample Timelines of excel template might be helpful for any person.

Content of this sample has been created by highly skilled professional involved in similar type of task. This sample of excel timeline template is available in all downloadable format like PSD, PDF, MS Word and .xls too so it can be utilized in format required for any particular activity.

Sample Excel Timeline Template

sample excel timeline template

This sample timeline template prepared in Excel, shows the various time periods of eras from early 1700s to 2050. There are also citations for the World Wars, the atomic age, the cold war, the space age, the post modern age and the information age.

Excel Timeline Template

excel timeline template

This timeline template prepared in Excel is a 5 columned timeline template. The first column is meant for recording the years without which a timeline template will not be a timeline template. The other columns are meant for Event, Height, Axis, Label, etc.

Excel Timeline Template Sample

excel timeline template sample

This timeline template prepared in Excel serves as a sample to show the format of a simple timeline template and what exactly a timeline template should look like. It has 5 columns assorted for date, task, days, height, axis, etc.

Excel Timeline Bargraph Template

excel timeline bargraph template

Office Excel Timeline Template

office excel timeline template

Excel History Timeline Template

excel history timeline template

What Are Timeline Templates?

Timelines are ways of displaying lists of events chronologically. These are also known as project artifacts. Timelines can be prepared by any time scale; it depends on the data and subject. Most timelines run through linear scales, where each unit of distance equals a preset amount of time. The time scale is obviously dependent on the timeline events. The timeline of evolution ranges over millions of years, but the timeline for the September 11 attacks in Mumbai, can be spanned over a few minutes. Although most timelines run on a linear scale, very large or small time spans or logarithmic timelines often use logarithmic scales to depict time. A timeline template does exactly that. It lists the dates and its respective descriptions in chronological order.

What Are The Benefits Of Timeline Templates?

Timelines are of various types, these are number timelines, text timelines and interactive times (clickable or zoomable). Timeline templates are useful in a lot of ways. Blank Timeline templates can be used to make all of the various types of timelines. Timeline templates are used in education because it helps students and researchers to understand the chronological order of historical trends and events in a particular subject. It shows time or date (on a scale) on any of the axes, the other axis portrays time lapses between the events, durations and the simultaneous overlapping of events and spans.

How To Prepare A Timeline Template?

Timeline templates are easy to prepare. One just requires the basic knowledge of MS Excel or any other spreadsheet software for that matter. Then you need to decide, whose timeline you want to portray. Almost any set of events can be portrayed into a timeline. Then you need to decide a time scale, as in how many years would be equal to a unit of distance in the graph. When you’re done with that, you’re all but ready to prepare one, put those down in the spreadsheet and you will have a timeline template for yourself.

Although preparing a timeline template is one of the easiest things to do, but even then people might find it difficult, people with no or limited knowledge in spreadsheet softwares might find it challenging. Then again there are people who might be too easy to sit and plan and prepare one. For all of those people we have a set of predesigned templates to help you out.

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