A child support agreement is required for the purpose of planning out legally what responsibilities each parent will possess in future after a divorce has been finalized. This agreement is component of a child support petition that a family court will seek after the divorce from both the parents so that the child does not suffer physically, mentally and financially.It is written on behalf of both the parents by a third party, normally by a lawyer and is signed by both the parents. It includes residence, financial matters, and physical proximity with the parents etc. A sample child support agreement template shows how to pen down the best agreement to preserve all the rights of a child. You can also see Management Agreements.

Voluntary Child Support Agreement Form


This is a form which contains the important details of a parent who is liable for child support agreement. The form contains information regarding the parents’ home address, contact details among other things. It also mentions the basic rules of agreement.

Child Support Agreement Template Free Download


This agreement template contains the important points which you should know about the child support agreement. The advantages of such an agreement and effect of it on a child are mentioned here. This agreement template can be downloaded for free.

Child Support Mutual Agreement Template


This is a template which is created after the two parents have reached a mutual agreement about child support. In this agreement template, the points of the agreement and child support are mentioned in order to avoid any future confusion.

Child Support Agreement Template Download


This is a template for child support agreement meant for downloading for use. In this template the names of both the parents are mentioned, followed by the main directing ideas of the agreement like the residence of the child etc.

Free Sample Child Support Agreement Template Form


Sample Child Support Agreement Template


Why Do You Need Child Support Agreement?

Child support agreements are agreements between the parents of a child to share the responsibilities of bringing up one or more children together. This is a legal document and therefore will be binding on both the parents. In case of a situation, when one of the parents deny their responsibility to the child, or deny the rights of the other parent on the child, this document can be used. This is most necessary when the parents are separated or divorced. In such a circumstance, the agreement ensures that the children do not suffer in any ways, physically, financially, or emotionally.

Who Needs Child Support Agreements?

The person who benefits the most from the child support agreement is the child. In case of a divorce of two people, this agreement ensures that the child is not deprived of the care he or she requires. Other than that the child support agreement is also essential to the parents. In absence of a child support agreement, one parent could completely deny the responsibility which he or she has towards the child. This can be disastrous for both the child and the other half of the parents, because it then falls upon the second person to provide for all the needs of the child.

Tips For Making A Child Support Agreement

Making a child support agreement may not seem too difficult, if you choose the right person for the job. Generally this agreement is prepared by a legal expert, so that all the technical details of the agreement are properly managed. There are several templates for child support agreement document available on the internet, which can be also used for this purpose. However, even if you make the agreement yourself, it is better to show it to a lawyer, and take his or her opinion into consideration before finally adopting the agreement. It is also essential to read the document properly before signing.

After divorce between two parents of a child is finalized, this legal document become necessary, to prevent as much damage as possible as far as the child is concerned. This document is legally binding on the parents, and its templates are easily available on the internet for using them if necessary.

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