As business grows, endorsement is needed to make it known to public; an advertising timeline will help any businessmen especially in the advertising business to make every product and services be commercialized to public via television or radio. It’s a scheduling tool that makes endorsement be on air in their slated time given enough period to tell the masses about their product or service. An example of Blank Timeline can be downloaded for your preference, sample template can be used for placing every products scheduled on air, an advertising timeline can maximize all the time and slots that are available for advertisement and for personal purposes.

Sample Advertising Timeline Template

advertising timeline template

File Format
  • MS Word
  • Editable PDF
  • Apple Pages
  • Google Docs
  • MS Powerpoint

Size: US, A4


Marketing Timeline Template

marketing timeline example1

The user can download this template very easily from the internet and can attain it in the form of word document. The template has a clear and bright look. The user can also change the color play that has been used in the background.

Example of Advertising Timeline

example of advertising timeline1

The template has been provided a very sophisticated and professional look. This advertising timeline template contains a neat table format that can be used to show the various stages that shall lead to the final completion of the marketing strategy.

History Timeline Template

history tiimeline template free download

The current theme is just the perfect format that can be used by a student to memorize any chapter of history that contains a large number of dates that has to be memorized. The theme has a systematic and organized look.

Free Timeline Template for Kids

free timeline template for kids2

This is an advertising timeline template that is actually meant for kids. The design can be used to create a marketing plan for a product that is actually meant for the kids. The template has a cute and tidy look.

Project Timeline Example

project timeline example

Timeline Template for MAC

home construction timeline template

Event Timeline Template Word

event timeline template word

What are these Advertising Timeline Templates?

These advertising timeline templates are the designs that can be used by the marketing teams so that the strategy of branding and promotion can be chalked out in a correct and organized manner. These templates have a simple and generic look. Hence various companies can employ them for their marketing strategy planning. These templates are some of the best supports at the disposal of the marketing teams of some of the most successful companies across the world.

Who Can Use these Advertising Timeline Templates?

These templates can be used by employees of various levels. In the broader sense these are the templates that can be used by the marketing teams who need to plan their promotional activities. These templates can be used by the team managers or the leaders of the marketing teams and also by the general team members of the marketing section. You can also see Project Timelines.

Benefits of Advertising Timeline Templates

Following are some of the benefits of using these templates:

  • These templates have a very high SEO compatibility. This means that the user can attain these templates with very simple internet searches.
  • These templates have been attributed with responsive features and also navigable features. The makers also have provided these templates with great admin panels so that the user can have best control over the templates and the process o creation of the end document or the final product.
  • The templates have highly simplistic, generic and easy formats that have been professionally designed. The basic motive of these templates is to decrease the work of the marketing teams and to help them concentrate on more technical matters than create an outline of a marketing plan.

These advertising timeline templates are just the right format that can be employed for the purpose of making super advertising timeline plans. The user can get more effective with the use of these templates. All of these templates are supported by the language of English and have been provided with simple structures.

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