Loads of letters are often sent out, and each one of them is required to have a return address label. Save your precious time by using return address label templates. A quick basic label can be made by putting down your address in MS word and printing several copies of it.

Sample return Address Label Templates can be leveraged as sophisticated and ready to use labels with special background or picture. After downloading a free template, it can be customized according to specific commercial requirement. It provides column wherein return address can be typed in.

Free Return Address Label Template

  • There are numerous options available in return address label templates for Mac and they can be customized to fit any occasion, mood or personality.
  • These templates are available in special interest prints such as ships or teddy bears, fold foil and floral prints. These templates can be modified as far as your imagination can go.
  • Classic minimalist designs are also available which are used for work-related mail or formal letters.

Return Address Label Size Templates

  • Return label come in boring white background colour, these templates can make these labels more suitable for the purpose they are used.
  • Return address label templates are available for weddings, children parties, thanksgiving and for several other occasions.
  • These can be used with address label template or Mailing label templates and both can have the same design to give a distinct look.

Return Address Label Program Template

Return Address Label Etiquette Template

Return Address Label Maker Template

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