When starting a new project it is vital for you to maintain a complete record of what is happening in the day to day operations. This includes the milestones the end results and everything in between. This detailed record will help you to make sure that you know what is going on with your project and how to improve it. This can be easily done using a project planning template. 

Also when you use a project planning template you can go back and go through any task which has previously been done and can see the procedure and result easily. This kind of documentation comes in real handy. Other than that these templates also help you and your team to know what is coming, with a complete plan and task duration which you can set up using these templates. Be careful as there are similar templates available like project scope template or project tracking template. Download the right template after you check it.

Project Planning Schedule


You can exclude holidays and vacations during your project duration. The detailed date system allows you to plan ahead for months.

Project Planning Steps Template

Define the duration of a task by adding how many days it will consume. These templates are free and can be easily found. These will help you save time greatly.

 Project Planning Schedule for Word


These templates will allow you to add any number of tasks you wish to. Just copy and paste rows on the sheet and you are done. You can get such templates in different compatibilities for Excel and Word depending on your preferences.

 Sample Project Planning Schedule Format


These templates are really easy to use and can be easily found. They offer you a detailed layout of what job is coming and which one is finished. You can colour code the tasks to make sure you and your team knows which ones have been finished.

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