A pro forma income statement is a set of financial reports based on a projected assumption of a company or business’s income for a certain period of time, whether past or future. They can provide benchmarks and can determine the flow for sales and expenses needed for the business, especially in making the right decisions for the company.

Although projecting the growth rate is essential for the success of the company, a pro forma income statement may not always be accurate, since management may portray the business to be more successful than it really is. Therefore, investors should be careful and thorough when handling this type of statement.

To try your hand at making a pro forma income statement, we have income statement templates that you can use as a guide or reference. They are available in Word and PDF format and are free to download.

Pro Forma Financial Statement


Forecasting Income Statement PDF


Sales Income Statement


Income Statement Free PDF


IFRS Income Statement Sample


Pro Forma Business Income Statement


Pro Forma Statement Example


Income Statement Sample


Schedule Income Statement Free Sample


Pro Forma Accounting Statement


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