Before a project is started, planning is first done to set the goals and objectives of the project, determine the steps that needs to be done, the number of people needed, the materials and where to get them and many more. After planning, implementation follows. The project of course needs a project implementation plan to ensure the the plan is carried it as desired.

In this article our topic is about project implementation plans. We will learn about basic information related to it, like what it is, what are its uses, how to successfully implement a project plan and some useful tips. We have also provided project implementation plan templates that can be downloaded and used for whatever purpose it may serve you.

What Is a Project Implementation Plan?

Implementation is the next step that is taken after the project planning and everything that is related to it. When you say implementation, it means that something needs to be carried out in order to see desired results. With this, we can say that a project implementation plan is a plan created to ensure that the project plan is carried it correctly, facilitate clear communications and prevent errors, risks and other unwanted problems.

Project implementation plans templates are also now available to help make the process of creating the plan easier and more convenient. The template is mostly used to quickly produce the plan without having to work on the format and other smaller details which may take up a lot of time. The template allows the user to save time and energy, as well as ensure that they produce a complete and reliable project implementation plan.

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How to Successfully Implement a Project Plan

Even with a carefully crafted plan and finely created implementation plan, there are still chances that a project may fail given certain circumstances ans with the help of a little bad luck. Imagine all the effort you put in that plan just to see it fail and go down the drain. If you don’t want this to happen then you need help. Here are some steps that can help you successfully implement a project plan.

Choose the right person for the job.

There are all sorts of people assigned to work in a project. Some of them have related skills and knowledge while other may not have any clue what they are into at all. Your best friend or relative may be part of it too, or the person you owe may be in it as well. The first decision that you must make to ensure that your project plan will be implemented successfully is by choosing the right person or people for the job. You may owe somebody something, but if they don’t have what it takes to be part of the project, like skills, knowledge and qualifications, then you don’t want them in it. Your relationship to the people around you should not determine who you should put in the job. Select the people that you know can do the job exactly as you want it to be done and knows how to follow instructions while at the same time detect errors. A plan cannot work without anyone working on it so bank on the right person or people for the job.

Get a buy-in from your team.

What is a buy-in? It simply means support from a team or agreement from a team. Conflicts will surely arise with planning and implementation, especially if the person who manages the project demands something that is not possible with the team’s current situation, of if the manager refuses to hear reason. Let’s say these kinds of conflict are common and a lot of project almost fail and actually fail because of this. These situations can be avoided and that is by getting your team to support or agree with you on things. A project is a team effort so everybody’s support and agreement is needed. This will help you work on your goals faster and easier.

Another entity that you must get a buy-in from is the executive sponsoring the project. They have a lot of say on the project, but you can simply make your word become their word by getting their support or agreement.

Always have work in progress reduced.

Work in progress refers to a current project or job that is still being developed or processed. While the project being processed may seem good, it won’t seem that way with a huge project. Pending projects will continue to pile up until they become too much to handle. This may lead to delays with work, demotivation and stress, and failure. Now, you don’t want that, do you? The best thing that you need to keep in mind is reduce work in progress or perhaps have it to a minimum. This way you can safely estimate how much time is needed to finish small jobs within the project and meet the deadline.

Schedule and hold regular meetings.

People working in a project are always busy that they can’t find time to attend any project meetings, especially when the deadline is fast approaching. Meetings are important so that everyone involved in the project can talk about the things they are doing and their progress on a certain job or part of the project. This is also the time where they can share project related problems and issues which may be addressed by other members of the team. Brainstorming can be made possible with meetings which greatly helps a project move forward to success. That is why meetings must be not only be scheduled, but they should actually be hold.

Define clearly your project scope.

What is a project plan without a project scope? You can say chaotic or it may spell failure. One of the few first steps taken when planning is defining the scope of the project. Scope creep and unrealistic deadlines are the main ingredients of project failure. If the scope of the project is defined by a different team, then make sure to have it reviewed or re-examined to ensure that it is realistic and appropriate.

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Things to Remember for Your Project Implementation Plan

it’s good to know the things to do to get your implementation plan successful, but it is also important to know about other things you must remember for your project plan. It’s not just what makes it successful matters, but also the other parts that needs to be taken cared of as well. Here, we have a list of things that you must remember when working on your implementation plan.

  • Start with a plan. A plan within a plan is a common thing. Create your implementation plan the way you did with your project plan. A lot of things are made successful with a plan prepared beforehand. The good thing about planning is that it helps you prepare for everything that must be taken cared of, saves time and ensures that goals and objectives are accomplished.
  • Get your operations team involved. You can’t possibly work alone in a company and end up being successful alone. Of course you have your operations team who will mainly be working on the things that you have planned. You need their help that is why you need to get them involved, in planning and on things where their help is needed. It won’t be easy so start with getting their trust early on in the project.
  • Where are your training materials? You must always prepare for your training materials when you need to provide training to your team about a new project or a some enhancements. Include the people who will do the training. You as a manager should not be doing the training.
  • Provide enough time for training and have it scheduled. Learning takes time so you should not rush  training. Allow enough time for both the trainers and trainers. Remember that haste makes waste and that applies to learning, too. Quality training needs time and you need to talk about with your HR department to determine how long it takes to get quality training.
  • Communication is key. There should be clear step-by-step information on how you can get things done before the launching day or deadline for the project you are working on. Through clear communications you can properly and effectively relay relevant data and instructions to get things done and working.
  • Keep your documentation clean and neat. Documentation plays an important role in planing and help keep track of the different activities and tasks as well as the decisions made at some point. These records are kept on file and may be used as reference in the future.
  • Don’t be afraid to change management. Different projects may need different expertise and management style so when a new project is introduced, makes sue that you have the right manager with the right set of skills and expertise you manage it. This is the key to getting things done.
  • Assess the knowledge transfer. How will you know that your team understands the plan and gets what you want them to do? You can check it out with them in other ways aside from an exam. Go stick with them and see what they’re doing and how they do things. That’s one way to confirm that they have learned something.
  • How do you carry data with you? You don’t have to. You just need to find the means to transfer data from one location to the other securely. In case things don’t go as you planned, make sure you have data analyst and a technical team on standby to help you.
  • Plan your exit. Unless you intend to stay with that project forever, you should be planning on how you can move away from the project so that you can start transitioning to a new project. The best thing to do here is to make yourself an replaceable and indispensable part of the team so that when you leave, they will still be able to continue with the plan.

Remember these things when you work on your implementation plan as they will definitely be able to help you.

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