There are a large number of organizations and societies that regularly publish newsletters for their members. Having a ready to use newsletter template can reduce the amount of time and effort the organization spends on drawing one up from scratch. If you’re looking for a ready to use newsletter template, we have a wide range of such files for you to choose from. These files are available in a variety of convenient formats and can also be edited as per the requirements of the user. Here’s the available list:

> Email Newsletter Template

The email newsletter template is a digital newsletter that can be emailed to the members of an organization. This template has space for the user to add various stories and short articles. The email newsletter template can be used for a range of purposes including medical newsletters, corporate newsletters and so on. (8+ Email Newsletter Templates)

> School Newsletter Template

As the name suggests, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions are the ones to use the school newsletter template. This template has space for the user to add stories and articles of the many events that have been conducted in the school including sporting events. Even administrative changes that are going to be made in the institution can be added to this newsletter to make all the students aware. (8+ Sample School Newsletters)

What Is a Newsletter Template?

A newsletter template is ready to use bulletin that is typically issued on a monthly, weekly or fortnightly basis. This newsletter template is sent to the members of an organization or a society. This template can be easily edited and the user is able to add articles, stories, information and other details that are related and relevant to the organization or the society in the blank spaces of the template.

The newsletter template is typically printed or emailed to make members of the society aware of the events and affairs that are ongoing in the organization. Members who aren’t available for all the events and functions will find a newsletter very handy to keep track of the various events that have occurred in the organization.

Besides having information in the form of articles and stories, the newsletter also carries photos and images. For instance, in the case of a corporate newsletter, the photo of a new product may be included in the newsletter.

For example, in the case of a school newsletter, the sports award function photos can be included in the newsletter and so on. Thus, the newsletter template is basically a summary of all the important events that have occurred in an organization over a particular frame of time.

> Classroom Newsletter Template

Although the classroom newsletter template is similar to the school newsletter template, the classroom template focuses on the events that occur in a specific classroom. This template has space for the user to add teacher’s notes, details of what is happening in the classroom, upcoming explorations, and other such relevant information. (6+ Sample Classroom Newsletters)

> Teacher Newsletter Template

The teacher newsletter template is specifically designed and used for providing information and details of events to teachers and professors of a school or college. This template has space for the user to add articles on teaching styles and other information. The teacher newsletter template is print as well as email friendly. (7+ Teacher Newsletter Templates)

How to Create Newsletter Templates?

For those individuals who are printing a newsletter template for the first time, it is essential to go about doing the same in the correct way. You may initially be confused on how to create a newsletter template but the process is very simple. The first step to creating a newsletter template is figuring out the purpose or the goal of the newsletter. Depending on whether your newsletter is meant to bring you new leads, create awareness of your societies events and so on, you need to figure out what is the ultimate purpose of the newsletter.

Step two involves gathering content that is relevant to the organization and relevant to the goals of the newsletters. Step three focuses on making an appropriate design for the template. Proper color formatting, minimal text, attractive pictures is all an essential part of designing the newsletter.

Step four involves adding text and content to the newsletter. The front page of the newsletter should carry the main feature story and other information can be covered in the following pages. Further, adding photos and pictures is also essential to prevent the newsletter from looking dull and boring. Step five is editing and formatting the newsletter in a proper and appropriate manner.

Delete information that is unnecessary, remove repetitive details and so on. Once you have completed these five basic steps, your newsletter is pretty much ready to send. Finally, you can print it out or email it depending on the decision of the members of the organization. So when creating your newsletter just keep these steps in mind and follow them closely. This is the simplest, most practical and quickest way to ensure that you have the perfect newsletter.

> Printable Newsletter Templates

The printable newsletter templates are ideal for those organizations that need to send out hard copies of the newsletter to their members. This template has space for the user to add upcoming events in the organization, articles that are relevant to the workings of the society and other important information. (20+ Fantastic Printable Newsletter Templates)

> Preschool Newsletter Template

The preschool newsletter template is a bulletin that the school distributes to parents in order to keep them aware of the events that are taking place in the school and progress of the students. This template has space for the user to add articles on the various upcoming functions in the preschool, articles on administrative changes that may occur and other important information. (6 Best Preschool Newsletter Templates)

> Sample Newsletter Template

If you’re creating a newsletter for an organization or a society for the first time, you definitely need to refer to this sample newsletter template. This template guides the user on how to place articles, information and other data on the newsletter. This template is both print and email friendly. (10+ Newsletter Samples in Word)

What Is an Email Newsletter Template?

An email newsletter template is a news bulletin that is sent out to the members of a society or an organization but in the form of an email as opposed to a hard copy of the same. The email newsletter just like a regular newsletter will carry all the information of the events and important occurrences that have taken place in the organization.

The email newsletter templates just like the hard copies have space for the user to add photos, articles, stories and other information that is related to the organization and is important for the knowledge of the members.

The email newsletter template is ideal for those organizations that have large numbers of members. Also, organizations or societies that have members from across the globe will find it easier to use the email newsletter template instead of airmailing the hard copies of the newsletters. The organizations which are environmentally friendly and prefer to not waste tons of paper on printing out newsletter templates find the email templates to be an absolute boon.

With advancing technology and greater dependency on smartphones, tablets, laptops and eBook readers, people find digital newsletters far more convenient as compared to hard copies of the same. So if you’re looking for a more convenient and practical way to send out your newsletters, sending them out digitally via email is the most sensible and affordable thing to do.

> Weekly Newsletter Template

Whether it is a corporate organization, educational institution or nonprofit organization, weekly newsletter templates can be useful to all. This template is compatible with all kinds of operating systems including laptops, smartphones, tablets and personal computers.  The weekly newsletter template is both print and email friendly. (10+ Weekly Newsletter Templates)

> Church Newsletter Template

As the name suggests, churches that wish to give their members and attendees an update of the upcoming events use the church newsletter template. Further, this template can also be used to print out religious articles, information of religious events occurring across the globe and other relevant data. The church newsletter template is printer friendly. (10+ Sample Church Newsletters)

> Monthly Newsletter Template

Any organization or society that wishes to send out a bulletin to its members on a monthly basis will find that the monthly newsletter template is of great help. This template is available in an easily editable format. The user can add information, stories, and articles to this template. Further, this template is compatible with laptops, tablets, and smartphones and can be accessed from all the gadgets. (9+ Sample Monthly Newsletter Templates)

> Kindergarten Newsletter Template

The kindergarten newsletter template is used to publish events and issues that are taking place in a playschool and submit this bulletin to the parents of the kindergartners. This template is easily editable and can also be printed out or emailed depending on the needs and requirements of the user. (10+ Sample Kindergarten Newsletter Templates)

> Family Newsletter Template

For those people who have large families, sending out a bulletin of the various events and incident that have occurred with the members can be a great way of keeping in touch with all the family members. The family newsletter template has space for the user to add photographs of the family members, add articles and information of the various events. (10+ Family Newsletter Templates)

Newsletter Templates For Teachers

There are newsletter templates available for teachers and professors. Such templates are typically printed out for the knowledge and entertainment of school, college, university and faculty members. The newsletter templates carry articles on new and improved ways of teaching, sharing information of the progress a specific teacher has made that has proven to be beneficial to the educational institution and other relevant data. Even the calendar of events for teachers can be included in the newsletter.

A teacher can also use the newsletter template to keep a track of the student’s progress as well keep a note of the happenings in the class. The teacher’s notes, the class calendar, upcoming explorations and other relevant information can be added to the newsletter templates for teachers.

Educational institutions and educational providers use these templates. Thus, the newsletter templates for teachers are used for more than one purpose. They can be used for teachers alone or can even be used in a classroom as a whole.

> Company Newsletter Template

The company newsletter template is ideal for business organizations that wish to share the various events that have occurred in the company with their shareholders and stakeholders. This template has space for the user to also add the financial progress of the company along with information of its sales and other relevant data. (6+ Sample Company Newsletters)

> Business Newsletter Template

The business newsletter template can be used by a group of businessmen who have formed a society or an organization. This template has space for the user to add business success stories, global business stories, information of business awards that have been received by the members and other relevant and important information. (7+ Sample Business Newsletters)

> Employee Newsletter Template

The employee newsletter template is used as a bulletin to make the employees of a specific organization aware of the progress, changes, and events that are occurring in the organization. This template is printer as well as email friendly. The user can access this template from his smartphone, laptop, and even his tablet. (10+ Employee Newsletter Templates)


In respect to all the above-listed information, you don’t need a professional to create a newsletter, you can do it yourself effectively. Just select one of the newsletter templates from the given list that best fits your needs and download and edit it as per the requirement. Using these templates will get your work done effectively in less amount of time.


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